Howling Cat Productions

This is the name of a theatre company that is currently in the process of being formed. The people forming it are Aaron Skinner and myself. It is a rather intense project, with a lot of hours going into it just trying to find all the right information that is needed. All while working on another play, baby sitting and delivering catalogues, all after hours.

Why can't some of this fall IN normal trading hours. It would make my life so much more balanced, and help me to stress less.

10 Months

Today is my 10 month anniversary with my girlfriend, Samantha J McLeod. I had completely forgotten until she wished me a happy anniversary just a few moments ago. I feel a little bad about forgetting because usually I am the one who says it at midnight.

I guess I will have to make up for this next month.

Your Hold Upon My Heart

It is the title of the play that I am in. It opens in less than a month. We don't have a final script. Therefore I still don't know all of my lines. It is a work in progress. I have to be right next to the audience. As in centimeters away.

Kill me now.


This is a picture of my girlfriend, Sam, and myself on Australia Day. At this point we are sitting at Jupiter, a certain undisclosed location along the Swan River. We were waiting for the fireworks and got there a little early.

In the background of the picture can be seen a large man on a bicycle. He just snuck in their. He was very sneaky.

I feel bad

I had originally planned to be really committed to this blog, and I actually lasted a while.

At least for me I lasted a while.

However I was dis-heartened because I have pretty much no one following what I write, and it can get a bit boring writing for just me on the internet. But still I have still had at least 5 posts, since I first decided to commit to blogspot.

Alas I am once again working on my blogspot. My interest in this site has been re-newed by the thought of a friend also trying to commit to this website. I am going to be able to do this.

And I will still not use a smile-y face in any one of my posts. And use proper grammar as best I know. And make my single letter "I"s a capital letter.