At the moment, I am working on a play called Your Hold Upon My Heart. It has been developed by the Powderkeg Group, written by Lis Hoffman, being put on by the Stella Theatre Company and performed at the Camelot Theatre in Mosman Park.

The play deals with al different relationships in modern times and how they have an affect on people. My character is a 17 year old guy called Oscar who falls in love with with a 31 year old woman called Yvonne. Oscar gets a bit obsessive. It is a very different and difficult character to play. It is something so completely knew to me and it is taking a lot of work. Thankfully I have Lis there to help me get through it all and guide me along the way.

We perform in March. I have read the first draft and I get the final script in a week. I get a couple of weeks to learn lines, block, and perform.


Erica and Me

This is the title of a One-Act play. It was written by Alan Robinson. It is kept on the Lazy Bee Script site. It is one of the plays that is going to be put on by Harbour Theatre Company during their One-Act Season. It is going to be directed by Aaron Skinner. And me. Sort of.

Originally the plan was to co-direct a show for the first season this year because we are both brilliant and we want to combine our brilliance. However we were told that we should start with a One-Act play as I am 18 and Aaron is 17. We were then given the option of directing a One-Act play. This was fantastic news except for one little problem. I would be overseas when the One-Act Season would be on.

Yet we have found a solution. Aaron still wants to co-direct with me and so we are going to have the audition process before I leave so I can be around to help, and I can help with the pre show stuff and all backstage elements. This excites me because I am moving up in the creative industry.

It is rather exciting, even if I won't be around the entire time, know the cast or anything and be the silent partner, it will still be fun.

Now to start the work.


Today there was a lot of shit that went down to do with university. For all of those people who wanted to attend Curtin University. A lot of the people got offers for courses that they didn't want or did they even apply for. In one instance a friend of mine who wanted to be in Journalism, was given an offer for Science and Engineering. And even worse, her first preference wasn't Journalism when she changed it from Screen Arts. TISC screwed everything up and so did Curtin. Thankfully for me, my plans sort of worked out.

Originally I put Theatre and Drama as my first preference and this is at Murdoch University. All of the other courses that I had applied for were all along the same idea. They were all theatre/performance courses. However I spoke with my friend Grace while I was filling in my preferences and she suggested that I do the theatre courses combined with secondary education. The reason is that if I combine it with secondary education, it provides me with a back up career sort of thing. Like a safety net, because I want to be an actor.

Yet even with that I left Theatre and Drama as my first preference. Near the end of school I received a letter from ECU saying that in the application for the Performance Arts/Secondary Education course there was an audition component. After attending the audition I felt really good about the course because it felt as though the University cared about who attended and I really liked the attitude of the Head of the Drama department.

Around a week later I got a letter from ECU saying that I was successful in my audition for the school, meaning if I got the right score, I would be allowed into the course. This made me happy and I put the ECU course as my first preference.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago and I checked my preference listing, just cause it was really close to the day of the University admission to be sent out. I then discovered that my preferences had NOT been changed. This got my rather annoyed. The day after the University offers were out, it was a day early, and it was to the course I originally had as first preference.

After a lot of internal debating and anger I realised that it would not be a bad idea to do the Theatre and Drama at Murdoch. If I had no safety net, it would give me another push to go forward with acting, getting a Dip Ed only takes a small amount of time to work in a school, even with deferring I will be doing the course at the same time as my friend Grace and it is nice and close to where I live.

But now I have deferred for my course and I don't have to deal with it until August/September. Even then I will be overseas so it won't be me dealing with it.

I am set.

The Swelling

It never ends...


Imagine if having surgery was as simple as the game, Operation. Doctors would only need a pair of tweezers, and it wouldn't take too long. There would be little chance of damage to the person, and they just get a shock. And if the doctor paid attention in their 7 odd years of training there would be no shocks.

Diagnosis would also be really easy. The doctor just puts you in an MRI machine and see what odd plastic item has become lodged in your body.

I should be under the gas in around two hours getting my teeth out. I am not worried. I just have getting the bloody needles in the hand and stuff. One day, I want them to invent a needle that doesn't go into the body. It serves the same purpose as a needle, but doesn't need to pierce the skin or anything. Maybe everything can be administered by patches, like nicotine for people trying to quit smoking. One day it will be invented.


Wisdom Teeth

Tomorrow at 1pm I am scheduled to have all four of mine removed by Dr John Herbert. I have done everything thing that I am required to, but it stills annoys me that I am having all four of them being taken out. This is because it is going to be a bitch to eat food. All the documentation says that I must avoid eating on the side of my mouth that I am having operated on. Except I am being operated on BOTH sides. This is going to cause quite a predicament.

Also I now have a job. Admittedly it is not much of a job, I am only delivering catalogues to all the houses and units in my housing estate. It is a nice, mindless task that I can do to just keep my mind off things and stuff like that. My first contract is going to pay me just over $23. It took me about an hour and a half to put all the catalogues together, probably another half an hour to an hour to put them into a shopping trolley and then I have no idea how long it will take me to deliver them. However I am planning to do it early in the morning so that way I still have the rest of the day.

I'm Smiling

That is all.


Earlier, I was watching Valiant (won't review because I didn't see beginning) and then I randomly felt a smile come across my face. It could because tomorrow I take my mum and sister to the airport for them to go to Melbourne for a week. Meaning I get a week of freedom and a car. Or it could be because I got my share of pizza, garlic bread and sprite. It could be because I know that in less than 5 months, I will be in England, possibly France.

However I like to believe it is because I get to see Sam tomorrow.

The Kings Speech + Pizza

So my parents have gone out to see The Kings Speech. This annoys me because I told them repeatedly that I wanted to see that film yet they go with out me. I will get over it and just wait till I can acquire a high quality copy. I am going to have to wait for so long.

However if you notice the title of this post also includes pizza. That is because to compensate I believe, my parents have given money so that we can have pizza. Thank you Domino's for having an online service as I hate making phone calls. Life is better.

But I want more than I am allowed. But you can't know what my mind is saying, because that shit is private, and I am still decoding my sub-conscious. There is some crazy stuff stuck up there.

101 Things to do before I die

A couple of years ago some insurance company sent out a promotional list of 101 things to do before dying. While I had no inclination to buy some life insurance, I have kept the list as I find it very well thought out. It has a large range of activities, some which I see as easily do-able, and others that scare the crap out of me. However I will do whatever I can to complete everything on the list, including pushing a police officer on New Years Eve. Maybe I will become friends with a cop. Make it easier on myself.


It is the beginning of the new year. Well it isn't really the beginning, but it is the start of the new year. I say it isn't the beginning because the beginning is like within the first day. And today is the second day of the year. At least it is where I am. To whoever reads this, I write this from my home, mostly my desk, sometimes my bed and the random odd location, in the City of Perth, in the State of Western Australia and in the country of Australia.

I know that most of the page views my blog gets is due to google images trying to find the picture of Michael Sheen's character Zuse. This disappoints me rather a bit because it would be nice if I could be that mysterious, yet popular blog writer that the world loves. But alas that is not to be. Maybe in a few years.

Right now I am super happy for one of my best friends, Betty. The reasons however will remain undisclosed, just to be on the safe side. I am also watching The Shawshank Redemption. I will not review it afterwards as everyone should know that it is amazing. Everyone must watch it before they die at least 5 times.