Topdeck Tour Highlights Part 2

Day 3 - Bus-ing About
We got on the bus in the morning and drove to a small town in Switzerland called Lauterbrunnen. That actually sums up the entire day.

Day 4 - Waterfall Explosion
This day was very nice. I woke up in the morning and my first visit was to the near-by waterfall. At first I thought it looked like a nice easy walk, but then it became really steep and by the end of it, I was completely stuffed. Any way I made it, except I couldn't go to the top, but I could sort of be behind the waterfall yet I couldn't reach it. Really sucked. Even more I couldn't get to the base because it was on private property.

I then went on to start walking around and got down eventually to another waterfall where I had to pay 11 Swiss Francs and then I was able to see 8 waterfall, but even more they were inside a cave. It was actually pretty awesome, and by the time I made it to the top waterfall, I was inside and it was so loud, I couldn't hear myself talk.

That was most of the day. I spent some time in a cafe, bought a book and went down to a small river part. Eventually made it back to camp and sat around with others, while they drank and stuff and just hung out.

Day 5 - Another Bus Adventure
This bus day was a drive to the French town of Nice. It was horrible. I would try to read my book and we would drive through a tunnel. I was close to screaming out of frustration. However that night we had dinner and I sat with Wendy, Emily and Bel and had a proper conversation and stuff. It was nice. We then went onto a place called Wayne's Bar and it was great. Except we were in the "pit" with a Contiki tour group, they were utterly smashed and the live music was incredibly loud. But still great night.

Day 6 - Lazy France
This day was kind of awesome. I walked down to the beach, climbed a tower to get a fantastic view and then down to the beach to sit around for hours reading and being served food and drink.

That night we drove to Monaco and went to a Monte Carlo casino. I played with 40 Euro. I started with poker against the dealer in which he didn't fully explain and I lost 30 Euro. Then I went and learnt how to play craps. My God it is so much fun. I broke even. Then earned some more, then lost it. Then I was the roller and wow, I made so much money. Except it was for everyone else on the table. However I still feel great in that they were all cheering for me and had fun.

Day 7 - Buus!
We drove to Florence. Went past the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Really, seeing a picture of it is enough for me. Then made it to Florence where not much happened.

Now I am bored of writing about this trip, so you have to wait. Again. Because I'm kool like that.


Topdeck Tour Highlights

Well well well, the Topdeck tour of 2011 was just pure amazing. I have one of the greatest times of my life and I am going to recommend to every person I meet that they find the time to do any trip overseas, because you will meet the greatest people in the world, make friendships that will last till the end of time and just see the world. While it does look that same to home at times, it doesn't matter because the environment itself is just so different and new. And yes you will feel like a fool in all these places when you can't understand a thing anyone is saying, but who cares.

Oh and second thing I will point out is to take a friend. It doesn't necessarily have to be a super close friend, but take a friend so that the fist day is not so daunting. But make sure the friend is outgoing. You have to be outgoing on these trips or, like me, you take like a week to make friends with people who you aren't sharing a room with.

But enough about the tours it self, I will now try my best to do a summary of my tour. There will be things that I have forgotten, or I don't think worth mentioning. There will also be things that I do mention, and you will want to hit me out of boredom from reading the dribble that I create. Either way this is how I choose to represent my trip.

Day 1 - The Grand Start:
That night's sleep was crap but I get up and go into the lobby and stand awkwardly among all the people and bags downstairs. Then a small woman comes up to me and introduces herself to me as Bec, my new tour leader. Soon after we move to the bus and drive to Dover. Skip to Dover, get on the boat and get to Calais.

So far so good, haven't really spoken to anyone, read the paper on the boat and was now waiting for the bus to arrive. During the wait a bird craps on my shoulder. Nice welcome. The bus eventually arrives, I get on, and like all kool kids go to sit at the back, and yes there is a seat. We drive to Paris. During the trip I meet Sudong, Philip and Angela, mostly thanks to the work of Bec who made like a forced introduction. I am eternally grateful to her for that. We get to Paris, check in and go for a night driving tour. Then back home and to bed.

Day 2 - Parisian Adventure:
I walked around by myself a lot. I know it sounds lonely and stuff like that, but it is what I do, I just explore in my own time and visit what I want. I remember seeing Notre Dame, The Pantheon, Luxembourg Gardens, Champs de Lycee, Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower. The Luxembourg Gardens is my favourite place from the entire trip. They provide chairs, the garden is beautiful and I fell in love with it. That night was picnic dinner with the group. That was incredibly confronting because I really didn't know anyone and had to sit with other people. Thankfully God created Bel, Emily, Wendy and Kelsey who I sat with and chatted with. That night the group went to either a river cruise or a cabaret show. I just walked off and saw the Opera House and Madeline building. Then went back and went to sleep.

Time for a cliffhanger. It turns out writing this much takes a lot of energy, and I have had a really long day. So I am going to leave it at that for now and do some more later.

It's all over now

My trip has finished. I am back at the Clink 78 and my trip has finished. Now I know that I have barely written about my trip, but it became a chore, and chores are not fun. hence I stopped writing on the blog. However when I am James and Julie's place I will take the time to write out the highlights of each of the places I visited. But still. It's over. I actually don't want it to end. Saying goodbye sucks.

Oh Geez!

Well I haven't been here in a while, not since Switzerland, so I think some dot points are in order:

  • Took the bus to Nice, it was boring
  • (Day in Nice) Went to the beach
  • Forgot money and had to walk back to hotel
  • Walked to beach
  • Walked up stairs to get awesome view
  • Chilled on beach
  • Chilled on the beach for a few hours and was served drinks and food (It was beautiful)
  • Went back to hotel to get ready to go to Monaco and Monte Carlo
  • Learnt how to play craps (My God it is SO much fun!)
  • Lost 40 Euro, but was worth it
  • (Bus Day to Florence) Was so boring
  • We stopped at Pisa
  • Saw the leaning tower, not as impressive as I thought it would be
  • Arrived in Florence and had dinner and stuff like that
  • (Day in Florence) Had a walking tour
  • It would have been a great one if I could have heard the lady, but alas it was still good
  • Chilled
  • Walked around
  • Found a Garden Museum thing which was beautiful
  • Would go back there again
  • Chilled in internet cafe
  • Found dinner place
  • Jersey Shore walked past
  • Went home
  • (Bus to Rome)
  • Boring as all hell
  • Arrived in Rome in the afternoon
  • Went on walking tour which was good, learnt a bit and also already knew a bit
  • I was impressed that I knew anything at all
  • Came home
  • (Today)
  • Not in Rome because I am going to come back myself and stay closer to the city
  • Just relaxing, doing washing and being happy
  • And yeah!


So today, I got up and didn't really wake up for a good hour. I was a wee bit tired. Then I eventually got up to have some breakfast and begin my stroll. I went to one waterfall, then walked for about 2 hours, and eventually got back to the Trumbennal (or something like that) falls. They were falls inside the mountain. It was incredibly loud, and I could barely hear myself talk; and I have good hearing.

Then I did some more walking, chilled in a cafe, traded The Lost Symbol for The Talented Mr Ripley. I then moved onto exploring some more eventually made my way to a river. It was gorgeous and I could spend all day there just chilling in a seat with a good book, sort of how I felt about the Luxembourg Gardens.

Then it was sitting around the river at the camping site with a bunch of people from the Topdeck group. Overall it is a good day. Tomorrow is another bus day.

Yay for me.

Lack of internet!

So I haven't had much luck with the internet lately. Which is a bit of a massive pain, because it means I haven't posted about what has been going on the last few days, so I'm not going to write paragraphs, instead I am going to do it in dot point form and just say the interesting stuff:

  • Had terrible sleep in hostel
  • Woke up and joined the group on the bus
  • Went to the Ferry
  • Rode 90 mins to France
  • Waited for bus
  • Bird crapped on shoulder within one hour of being in France
  • Drove into Paris
  • Got to Paris and saw it was a little dirty, but not as bas as expected
  • Had dinner
  • Had tour around Paris at night time
  • It was alright, but photos were shotty
  • Went home and slept
  • (Day 2) Got up
  • Had Breakfast
  • Grabbed bag and started walking
  • Caught Metro to Gare Du L'Est
  • Walked to Notre Dame
  • Walked to Pantheon
  • Walked to Luxembourg Gardens (So beautiful and relaxing)
  • Chilled there and read my book (The Lost Symbol)
  • Caught Metro to Musee d'Orsey
  • Walked to Lourve
  • Walked to Champs d'Lysee
  • Walked to Arc de Triomph
  • Walked to Eiffel Tower
  • Chilled there and read more of book
  • Found Topdeck group for dinner
  • Caught Metro to Opera House
  • Walked to Madeline Church
  • Caught Metro home
  • Slept
  • (Day 3) Got up and had breakfast
  • Put bags in bus
  • Drove to Switzerland with stops at various servo stations
  • On the way introduced self
  • Arrived in switzerland
  • Had "Welcome Shot"
  • It wasn't nice
  • Had dinner
  • Slept
  • (Day 4) (Today) Had breakky
  • Got internet
  • Typed on blog.
So yeah that is what I have been getting up to. Now about photos, I am not going to take many, cause really, they don't look that great, and the ones that do, you can buy on post cards and stuff. But I will get photos with Clive when ever I can.

So yeah, later.

It is darkest before the dawn

I am all alone now. Mum, Dad and Daisy have gone off to their hotel and tomorrow night they fly out back home. And here I am, at the Clink 78, in their internet courtroom, on my borrowed comptuer, typing this out.

Well this morning we all woke up and packed all the gear together, most of it was left unpack, and we got back from Colin and Jill's rather late last night. So after packing all up we made out way to the ferry to find out, even though we had a flexi ticket, it was booked for 8am and we had missed out boat. At that point I was rather scared cause he said there was no stand-bys, meaning we might not get on the ferry. Luckily he was able to get us on the 12:30 boat.

20 minutes later and we were on the mainland and begun the 2 and a half hour journey into London. Though mind you, by the time it had ended it was more like 3 hours if not more. So much traffic in London. Honestly, we in Perth think that driving is bad, I have already seen two major accidents and I have only been here two weeks.

Well anyway we eventually made it and I checked in and then we all went for a drink. It was meant to actually be afternoon tea, but Dad's back was stuffed, and the only close and open place was a bar, that only served drinks by a very grumbly bar lady.

Then it was time to say goodbye. It was emotional. Enough said.

I was then going to hop on a computer, but it was too busy, so I just went for what I thought was going to be a small walk, which turned into an hour walk. Pretty boring, but I got some exercise. Now I am back in the computer area typing this out and "talking" to all my friends and other people reading this. I think my family will now start to read this, so better stop spreading rumours about them. Mum and Dad, if you actually are reading this, that is a joke. Hope you get it.

I think I should get off now. The facebook page said that the people from our tour would meet up in the bar at 8, so that is an hour away, but I can just chill in my room and sort out my stuff, maybe charge my phone so that I can get up in time for my tour tomorrow.

Now that the family has gone back, I am starting to miss everyone. It sucks, but soon I will have new friends (hopefully) and I will be set. Bye. Tell me that you miss me. Makes me feel better. But not here. On Facebook. Now. Go.


Royal Mail: The Enemy

Well my dear friend Betty, is being stalked by Australia Post. And you know, since coming over to the UK, I have really begun to understand her pain. I am being stalked by Royal Mail, the UK equivilant of Australia Post.

Every day I have been here, I have either seen them making a door to door delivery just by foot, or by bicycle, or I have seen a van or truck. It wasn't that much of a big deal at first, but it is becoming rather serious.

Today I got the biggest scare of all. I had seen my usual three Royal Mail representatives, but then I saw a fourth, and a fifth. I thought that they were beginning to close in on me and strike me down. So I decided to go for a walk, you know, blend in and all. Well as I am walking along, I am seeing Royal Mail more and more and more. It turns out, I was walking into enemy territory.

I was walking past the Mount Pleasant Royal Mail Service centre. There was over a hundred vechiles in the parking lot and I believe I have seen over 150 Royal Mail representatives today. Thankfully I leave on my tour tomorrow morning and will be safe from all the Royal Mail.

Today I got up nice and casually, had some breakfast, and just all together chilled. Then we eventually left the house and grabbed my note from the doctor's for my French trip, then to Newtown, the Needles (which we didn't actually see) and then to Great Uncle Colin and Great Aunt Jill's house.

Not posting too much tonight, because I'm a little stuffed.

Carpeted Bathrooms

Now normally I would be posting about what I have done today. However before I make the usual post I need to have a little rant. It isn't anything major or anything, but it is just really weird.

Carpeted bathrooms.

Bathrooms where instead of a wooden floor, or a tiled floor, it is carpet. They couldn't have just put a rug in there or something, but no, it is completely carpeted. That is what it is like here on the Isle of Wight and the same in Blackpool.



Well, it has once again been two days since I have been able to post about my "adventures" so far. Well for my first day on the Isle of Wight I got to have a sleep, I mean it was such a big sleep in. It was to 9am. Well Mum and Dad went into the car and drove to Osbourne House, which is where Queen Victoria would go for a holiday, and Daisy and I stayed behind to just relax and get our own breakfast. Well for Daisy that meant a cheese sandwich and chips, and for me a poorly made full breakfast. Well that was alright I guess, but we went back and just hung out at the lodge/hotel until Mum and Dad got back. Dad then did family history stuff and the three of us watched telly and stuff.

Dad eventually came back and we got in the car to go to Blackgang Chine. It is like the Isle of Wight Disneyland. But the Isle being rather small, Blackgang Chine was to scale. Now that sounds harsh, it was actually alright. It was something for Daisy, because she hasn't really been having the time of her life going from castle to castle and she loved it.

After the Chine, we drove down the road to my Great-Aunt Angie's house for dinner with my cousins Andrew, Sarah and four others who I can't actually remember, and their kids. It was a great night of food and laughter. Just what the doctor ordered. That was the end of that day.

This morning, instead of getting up relaxing-ly, we packed up all our gear because Mum and Dad weren't happy with the lodge/hotel for various reasons and we were going to leave early, and stay at this place called Liberty. It is a cafe/bistro type place, but they have two self contained apartments upstairs which is where we are currently staying. And you know what, I am alright with that. It is a great comfy place. But that is where I am now, during the day, we went to see my Great-Grandma Dolly, who is currently staying with Great-Aunt Carol. My family is still alive and kicking and there is a heap of us. Well Dad was happy as Larry chatting away with Carol and Dolly all about the family history, and Daisy and I spent our time with Andrew who is a really great guy and quite easy to get along with.

So all in all it hasn't been that bad of a past two days. It isn't long till Mum, Dad and Daisy fly off back home, and then I begin my solo adventure. Bit scary when for me, it is Wednesday night, and we leave Friday afternoon. At the same time I'm missing people back home. You probably don't know who you are, but one or two might.


The Isle

Well I am finally at a pit stop sort of a place. I am right now sitting in a little space on the staircase of the hotel I am staying in, on the Isle of Wight. Like, there is the staircase, but there has been a little space hollowed out and they have put in it a couch, tiny table and a little light on it. It is pretty awesome because I can actually connect to the internet here. Such internet troubles I have been having.

Well anyway this morning I got up and went down for breakfast, got to have Coco Pops. Coco Pops in England taste rather different to Coco Pops in Australia, but I don't really know what it is that is different. Anyway we then drove down the road a little bit to the town of Cheddar where Dad and I went into the Caves at the gorge. There were some pretty spectacular sights inside the cave, and was much nicer than outside the cave if I am entirely honest, it was a constant drizzle for some hours.

Then we checked out this other cave which just had some coloured lights in it. Rather boring if I do say so myself. After the two caves Dad and I climbed up 274 stairs to see a big view of the entire area. By the time we had gotten back down, Dad's legs were wobbly and my legs were wibbly. You can tell how fit we are, can't you.

Cheddar being finished we continued on the road to our eventual destination of Limington. Yet being us, we can't just go to where we are wanting to go, we must stop of a number of times. Though today we didn't do too badly. We were off to Glastonbury where they once claimed that King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were buried. However after years of that claim it was proven false, yet the area at the Abbey is filled with some little stalls showing how life used to be centuries ago. It was like a mini Warwick castle and it was really good. We saw clay making, tile making, weaving and sculpting. The town itself is also filled with all sorts of witchcraft stores and fantasy stores. All that sort of stuff that makes me want to go back for a visit later.

After realising what the time was, we hopped back into the car and drove to Limington where we drove onto the ferry for the half a mile ride to the Isle of Wight. We landed drove to Ryde where we are staying and then just went out for dinner. Though while looking for dinner we saw drunken people in an argument. I had a little chuckle. As always.

We are here for a few days which means that we can relax a bit. We will be catching up with family and the sort, and hopefully we can get to the pirate shop.

I'm keen.


Today got up bright and early, to find out that Dad had set the alarm far too early. So that was a nice surprise for me. But anyway we got up eventually and had some breakfast. Then we made our way onto to Warwick. When we were there we found this big castle. At first I thought it was going to be one of the usual castles that we have been seeing the entire time, but this was completely different. This was filled with people all dressed up in period pieces and heaps of things were going on. It was a heap of fun. We saw a big jousting tournament and a show. It was completely cheesy, but still a lot of fun.

We stayed there for quite a while and after we realised the time, we hit the road again. We were on the way to a town called Dymock, but it is pronounced the same as my last name. This is the town where the King's Champion came from, but they eventually moved to a place called Scrivelsby. We think that our family was the King's Champion. But we still have a few gaps to fill in before we can say that we are that family. Dymock was a short stop because I wanted to go to Cheltenham. This is only because back in Melbourne I lived in the suburb of Cheltenham, so just for irony sake I needed a picture of Cheltenham in England.

Cheltenham was an even shorter stop than Dymock and we started for Cheddar/Shipham. After quite a few wrong turns due to road work and the TomTom not knowing the road work, we eventually got to the Inn where I am currently typing all of this out. It is a nice quiet place where we have just had a rather big dinner. Tomorrow we are going to check out the gorge at Cheddar and possibly the shop where everyone can get their fill of free Cheddar samples.

So till then.

Past couple of days

So I finally am able to log onto Blogger and post about what I have been getting up to. Lets hope that I can remember it all hey.

Well when I had last written it was my first night in Edinburgh. After that post we all went out to dinner but it took forever to actually find a place in which Daisy would not complain and eat the food. We eventually settled for this Scottish Italian place. It was really nice. The next day we headed up to Rosslyn Chapel from the Da Vinci Code and looked around. I listened to the lady who was giving the speech and one person who had been through, thought that it was not the Holy Grail hidden there, but Elvis Presley. After the chapel we found a castle about an hour away and had lunch in a small gallery place. Then it was to another castle. Scotland is either full of them, or it is all that we see. Eventually we got back to Edinburgh and then Dad and I caught up with a friend of his, Jordan, and he took us to dinner at a place called Dog's Breakfast, or something like that. Afterwards Dad and Jordan went to Edinburgh Castle but I stayed behind just to relax and sleep.

The next morning we had a long drive ahead of us as we went to Loch Lomond, or at least we tried to. There was a pit stop along the way but I can't remember what it actually was that we saw. Bit of a shame but it was probably just another lake. Slowly we were making it up to the Loch. By the time we got there, I have to say it was actually worth it. It was quite a sight, there are island in the Loch itself and they are huge in Scotland. We had lunch at The Clansman which is just the local pub for a place which is in the middle of nowhere pretty much, but has great food. Except I ordered a Steak and Ale pie and there was no pastry around it. In England, at least what I have seen so far is that you don't get pastry all around the pie, only a puffed up pastry thingy on top of the meat. Then we started the drive to Blackpool which was over four hours and I felt every minute. When we got there it was extremely windy and cold. It also looks rather depressing. It is all dark and grey and the water looks awful, wouldn't want to go swimming in it. The room was tiny, it had two beds for Daisy and I, a sink, a television and that was about it. It was also up three flights of stair and I carried some heavy bags. I also think it is a small world by that the guy who ran the BnB accommodation place from Shenton Park. That night we found diner in a recently opened BnB that had an open restaurant. It was alright though parents thought it was a bit shotty. After Daisy and I walked back to the BnB and Mum and Dad went to the pier where there is the carousel and other carnival type rides.

This morning we got up extremely early because there was going to be a protest on in the street where the BnB was against foreigners. Seeing as we are what they were protesting about, and we needed to get out the street, we were out by 8. That is when we starting driving for somewhere to have breakfast and found Strafford. Found a nice little place where the place-mats said "Families welcome, children and grannies adored!" That was a little cute. After we found a music store and parents bought me two piano sheet books. Now I have another thing to look forward to when I get home. Then we  found the Iron Ore Bridge which is a world heritage site and the Museum of the Gorge. Personally it was a bit boring but all the mining in the area is really important in the furthering of humanity. Then it was onto Coventry where I am now typing this out in a Mercure Hotel where I can stretch out, relax and live in luxury. This has got to be the best accommodation that I have had the entire time I have been here so far, and probably will be the best cause this is a four star hotel and I am not staying in a hotel again.

So that is what I have been getting up to. I do hope that I have people reading this cause while I can't often remember too much of my trip, I still try type out what I can remember. I am missing Perth, though I think it is more so that people that I miss rather than the city itself, and I haven't even been away a month.

5 Generations

Well I didn't get to make a post about yesterday, so I am going to have to combine two days into one post. Madness.

Well yesterday we left my dad's uncle's and made our way onto the Lakes District. However it was a long trip, in total it was over 6 hours I think. We didn't really see that much on the way, but we did go to meet my Great Great Aunt. She is currently 95 years old and is turning 96 in the next couple of weeks. And to add more to my family my Great Grandma is also alive. But back to the Aunt, Dorothy, I think the most amazing thing about her is that after all these years she is as sharp as a tack. She could remember so much and it was kind of inspiring. I hope I have that much of my brain at that age. I also hope to make it to that age.

Then we eventually made it to the Lakes District. And my God, the words of the romantic poets do not do justice to what I saw. I have a couple of pictures that I will upload in a couple of hours to Facebook. It was just brilliant. You should be jealous Lit kids.

That night we had dinner at the local pub and stayed at this amazing BnB. In the morning for breakfast I had ordered pancakes with blueberries and the pancakes had blueberries cooked INTO the pancakes. It was delicious.

After breakfast we moved around the Lakes and we visited a waterfall. Well I followed the river thing up and there was just more waterfalls. It was never ending. I walked a good 2 kilometers and they were still going. After the waterfalls we went to the house of Beatrice Potter. All the stuff in the house was owned by her, they had kept it all. It turns out that her house is also where they filmed the television series about her stories. I thought that was pretty kool.

After that we decided we should really start getting onto the Edinburgh, but on the way we passed through Keswick. There was supposed to be this great car museum with famous cars like the Flinstones car, a Bond car and Mr Bean's car. However we got there and discovered that it had all been relocated to Florida. Massive shame. After lunch we finally got on the road to Edinburgh. And that is where I am typing this now. We are at the BnB which is above a hair salon. Weird, but I guess its what the Scot's do.

Don't know what we are going to do tonight, its currently 7:34 and when you look outside, you would swear its 3 in the afternoon on a cloudy day. It is really tripping my out this whole light thing. I will get my head around it eventually, but by that stage I will be back in Australia most likely.

That was a joke, so laugh.

Oh Lordy!

I didn't make a post about my day yesterday. The shame! The shame! Well we got up and we were running a bit late to pick up the rental car. Eventually we made it down to Slade Green and got the car after about 20 mins where the lady behind the desk didn't really knew how a computer worked.

But we were soon on the road and on our way to meet my dad's second cousin Richard and his wife Jen who live just out of Norwich (pronounced Norridge, confusing much?) and we spent the rest of the day with them. We chatted and then Mum, Dad, Richard and Jen went for a walk down to the river while I stayed behind with Daisy. Then that night they cooked us dinner and we stayed at there house.

Now it is today, and we are going to a place called Penrith. Also I know I haven't put up any pictures yet, but I do have some, not from country England but from London. It's not many though. And I also have one or two pictures of me with my cork hat. So Diaan, Mel and Betty, those pictures should be up soon.

But till then.

Day 2

So I woke up really slowly and we all moved in a bit of a relaxed fashion. So relaxed in fact that we didn't have breakfast until 10:30am. Bit awkward if I do say so myself. Then we saw the outside of Westminster Abby, went to Kensington Palace were 7 princesses have lived in the past. Then we went and saw Shrek the Musical!

Well it was fantastic staging of the musical, the songs were great but I have to say, that some of the acting, not so great. Mum and I are actually terrible and we were making our comments about the acting from the first moment we got out. Then we caught up with cousins James and Phil and James' wife Julie. We had dinner at an Aussie Burger joint. Just because we don't have enough Australian food as it is. Now I am back at the place in which we are staying and it is almost 11pm. Pretty big day for Daisy especially seeing as she was up at 7:30.

Tomorrow we rent a car and start our journey around England. I don't know whether I will have internet access. I hope I do because well, I like the internet to be honest.

Here's hoping.


So it turns out that I didn't actually need to nap, and therefore I did not nap. Bit of a letdown, I know and I apologise for getting you all worked up about me going for a nap. I promise not to do it again. So eventually we left the BnB place that we are staying at and went into London and visited the HMS Belfast. I have some pictures which I will upload to facebook later. The ship was a big thing for the Royal Navy in England and they have made it look great. There were a lot of fake people in the ship filling in all the roles that used to be done on the ship. I took a lot of pictures of the fake pictures.

Then we started to go to the London Tower Bridge, but Daisy was so tired that we did not go up, and well, it was also shut. That sort of thing does tend to get in the way of things. We then began what turned out to be a long walk to find a pub to have some dinner. The pub was O'Neal's. The food was below average. Once to try and never again.

Then we finally came back here to where I will now call home for another 2 nights, including this one. While I am typing this, I am watching Lara Croft: Tomb Raider with Mum and Dad. I think that I will go to bed soon however.

It's a plan stan!


Well I am now here in London. I made it through the flight to Singapore and that was actually alright. Then the plane was delayed to leave for London which was annoying cause instead of waiting 3 hours, we had to wait for 6 hours. Oh yes, I was a happy chappy. The London flight was alright I guess, but it could have been better.

This is probably my last post for today, cause I need a little bit of sleep. Then we are going out to explore. This post isnt really interesting, but so far that is the same as the trip. But I have been on a boat down the Thames and seen some of the sights. Pretty kool.

I miss Perth. Scary, but true. But I know that I am going to have a heap of fun here. Just got to stop thinking and stuff.

Not Too Far Yet

I leave for 6 months soon. Like, really soon. Next Friday actually. I have just over a week until I go on a holiday of a life time. I think I am starting to get a bit scared. I mean, this is a huge thing to take in. I won't see any of my friends or family for 6 months and I will be meeting new people every day. It is rather intense. I am only just coping cause while this revelation is hitting me, I am looking after my sister and getting her ready for school and stuff.

Help guys?

At Last

Today I completed my last delivery for the Salmat distribution company. And on this very momentous day, the giant spider that I have seen every time I have walked around since mid January, had disappeared. Yet I am fairly confident that it had been dead for the entire time and was just stuck to the web. It was still rather fitting, emotional and nostalgic. I think.

No longer will I walked past the beautiful houses down the second shortest street in the estate. No more will I have to struggle with putting junk mail in the mail boxes of the flats at the end of the shortest street in the estate. I will no longer have to push the extremely old, rickety noisy trolley around. I have probably mentioned this in my post yesterday, but it still stands. I may miss it. Well hey, now I need a new form of exercise.



Tomorrow will be the last day that I make a delivery for the Salmat distribution company. After 5 months of working for Salmat, tomorrow will be the last time that I have to begin my hour long walk with my Star Wars headphones on, with my rickety and loud trolley around the streets of my estate, putting junk mail in people's letter boxes.

No longer do I have to worry about the awkwardness of running into people at their drive ways when giving them junk mail. I will no longer be forced to wait, standing there urging to twiddle my thumbs, only to find them being used to hold the dreaded mail, while the older lady slowly makes her way towards me to collect the pile of junk. Tomorrow is freedom.

In other news I have had a great idea for a movie screenplay. However I only have the base idea for now. I still need to come up with a story and stuff, but if I ever make the movie, it will look just amazing. Right now I am about to go to bed, cause I am really tired and need to get up to get Daisy ready for school and stuff. So its goodnight from me, and its goodnight from him. Goodnight.

Who knows where that is from?


This is my 100th post ever since my first post back in the good ol' 2009. And I feel that this is a very momentous occasion. It is a great time in which I have shown a commitment over a number of years to a blog with very minimal exposure of my just spilling my guts about my day to day life. I am actually a bit proud of myself, because this is like a journal. In the past I have tried journals and I have failed hopelessly. But now, I am succeeding. But I also feel like a complete pig. However that is something completely different altogether.

So. 100 posts. Should I write something inspirational? Something moving? Something emotional? Or how about I write something with a hidden meaning. Then again, a lot of what I write has a hidden meaning. And only I know the meaning. Sometimes Betty knows the meaning, but that is only after I tell her the secret code. We are just so cool together. Back on topic however, I feel that this post needs to have something in it that can separate it from all the other posts. I could do various shout outs to people like Gustav Zoidburg and ClaireLouise, the only two people who I believe regularly read this or at least see if there is a new post. I could pretend to come out as a homosexual, however I think that joke has been overplayed quite a bit.

This is turning out to be quite a dull post. I need to jazz things up a bit here on this blog. Maybe I can do some advertising and get thousands of people reading this, cause I write just the most amazing words. Well when I am a super famous actor people will be going back to my first post to learn all their is about me and then stalk me. And those people shall be scarred by what they read. Maybe I could tell you all the Oompa Loompa story. No, that is way too mean. I think I will just leave you with the following words:

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Peanut Butter

I have been told to just do, not think. So that is what I am doing, I'm just do-ing. And so far I have been doing a good job of it. Like I mean I haven't really thought much about anything. I am really handy like that. Well also I have been driven into a pit of boredom from nothing to do around the house, and me not wanting to do the housework cause I can't get my music working properly.

Well I made a decision based upon the do philosophy. It was a very big decision. It was a decision about life, the universe, and everything in it. Now that I am looking at the consequences of my decision, I am not sure whether I made the right one. I mean, come on. Should I have eaten the last of the peanut butter, or leave it for Daisy to eat. This decision is really eating me up. Oh dear, that was a terrible pun. I feel disgusting.

I mean, if I am in my 'do' state of mind, then my brain says that I have made a fantastic decision. However if I switch brains and go into 'think' mode, then my brain says, I should have left that peanut butter in the pantry and never go back to it. But no, I want back to the peanut butter.

Now that I have it, I don't know whether my stomach can handle all of the peanut butter. Like, will my system accept or reject the food source. I don't know and I need help. But at the same time I do know. However I am going to stay in the 'do' state of mind because that is was humanity wants of me. And it is really fun being in the 'do' mind, cause the peanut butter taste's great. Yet when I slip back into 'think' mind, I can see that if I finish this tub of peanut butter, I will feel terrible at the end.

Either way I suffer pain and I can't tell which is worse. I mean, I put the peanut butter back now, but then people see it as cruel. I finish it off and then put it back, but it is cruel. Either way it is cruel, and I deserve to rot in peanut butter hell.

But on other news the other day I scraped skin off my finger. It really hurts when I move me finger. It's getting better though. I got my new wallet. It is a pirate designed wallet. I think that it is the bee's knees. I leave for London in less that 13 days. Oh my dear Lord that is less than 2 weeks. I have two junk mail deliveries left and I am completing one of them later today/tomorrow. I miss certain friends. I need to see them like now. I am seeing Nicole on Monday, that will be great because I haven't seen her since last year. It is incredibly intense.

For you nerds out there, if there are any nerds, I have put in a reference to a Douglas Adam's book. From the Hitchhikers series. Who is able to find the reference? Who has actually read all of this? I have ranted for a long time and it has just gone on 1:23am.

I want to be able to do the right thing, but when I look at myself and try to make the right decision, all I see is a complete asshole, just staring back at me through the mirror. And I loathe that person. With every cell of my body.

All cells!


My Lord I am bored. I am just sitting around at home, doing nothing, just waiting for Daisy to finish school so that we can go and buy her new runners. I am currently just watching an episode of Scrubs and typing this out. All of my friends go to university, or tafe or some place of learning. None of them are taking a year off or anything so I am the only one who just stays at home everyday doing pretty much nothing. It get can awful lonely. But mostly it just gets boring. Like I know that I have a lot of work to do, such as getting my American Visa, booking accommodation, planning my trip in general and sorting what I am going to take to when I leave, for 6 bloody months.

I want someone to come here and chill with me. Get me out of this pit of boredom. Play a game with me or something. I NEED DISTRACTION.



Just ate lunch. I drove to McDonalds and ordered a medium Big Mac Meal. I had it with a Sprite. I know how much everyone likes to know about what I eat for lunch everyday, but yeah. I am going to pick Daisy up in around 45 minutes from camp. It will actually be good to see her again. As much as I don't want to say it I have actually missed her. That and it tends to get lonely when it is just me lying around here doing nothing. Last night wasn't so bad cause Sam was here. But all the other nights I was a bit lonely.

According to my countdown, I leave for London with Daisy in 17 days, 1 hour, 16 minutes and 45 seconds. However there are less seconds as I type this more and more. It is starting to hit me that for 6 months I will not be able to see any of my friends. I will be making new friends, but missing all the ones here in Perth. It is going to suck a lot, but it should be a good trip.

My house is a mess right now. I need to clean it all up before I pick Daisy up otherwise she will not stop bugging me. Can someone please just come round and clean it up for me? Just because I am feeling a lazy and I don't want to get up and clean it. I just want to chill here on this seat and relax. However I am not that lucky cause I have to sort 12 different catalogues for delivery tomorrow. That IS going to kill me. This is what happens when you do a job that increases with work during public holidays.

Damn you Mother's Day!


This is a post only just to show off the fact with an update on Blogger, I can now post in different fonts. I have have been able to do this before, but I didn't realise. Now I do and I just have to show it off to the world. I think that everyone should enjoy this new feature. I can also change the size of the font,have a line through what I type, and even change the colour.

I am so cool.

Don't think, just do!

I am going to try and turn this into my new life motto. It is something that my mum said to me a couple of days ago on the phone. She is currently overseas with my dad. They are celebrating 20 years of marriage together. Well they knew I was having issues in my personal life and they tried to talk with me about it. And that is what mum said, just do. I have a tendency to over think things. And it is only know becoming clear to me. My personal issue have made me stronger not just as a person, but in my relationships and in a way, I am glad of it.

Even though there was a lot of pain and hurt, I have been able to find my flaws and now I can work on them. I am a bit keen to try and make myself a better person.

I'm Batman.

The Blog

There has been like no action on this in ages and today I get another follower AND two comments on two separate posts. I wonder what I have done for karma to get this?

Sup Karma?


I have picked up a new follower today. I don't know who the person is, so that is really different. I have never really thought of this blog actually gaining followers. I mean, come on, all I have been doing is ranting about my life. And my life is kind of boring.

I wonder if I cam make my life more interesting. Well I am going overseas in about 20 days and then I can blog all about my trip. I will have fun, but I am also going to miss everyone here in Perth. Which is a weird thing to be saying, cause well, it is Perth, and I never thought that I would miss Perth. But I will.

Right now I am watching Parenthood. This movie is actually completely hilarious and I love it! I just saw a an old lady speak with helium. I am also really bored. I think that someone should come and chill with me. Except the person that I really want to come and chill with me is probably asleep. And even if she isn't, she doesn't read this.

Ah well.


I have just started to write up my will. This is just a bit intense on my brain. I have seen my parents' wills and they have only outlined a couple of items and the rest is to be distributed. But for me, I have a lot of people that I want to make sure get a certain items. This is going to take me forever. Someone do this for me, and I will pay you, maybe, never.

But you will still do it right?


I am getting better. I have done a few dishes today to clean up and I have taken Boots for a walk. I walked in sandals. That was a mistake. But it was still a good walk. Now, I am trying to decide what I want to eat for dinner. I don't actually have the supplies to cook anything that is good enough to pass as a meal, so I am going to order take away. Yet I am stuck on what to eat. I need help.

What should I eat?


I found my answer. It is a good answer. I haven't given it yet. But will soon. In person. I am going to have a lot of hard work ahead of me. I have done something that is terrible. And I have to make up for it. I hope that I can get there. I hope that I will be accepted. I hope that this can all be put in the past. But I don't know if I am going to be so lucky.

Fingers crossed.


Maybe if I went for a drive it would help to clear my mind. 'Cept I have nowhere to drive to. I need somewhere to drive to and I need the energy to get to that place. But where is that place? I don't know. I have the house to myself for a while. Parents are overseas and Daisy is on camp. I hope she is okay, she was not a happy girl when I dropped her off this morning.

I need to go on a mini road trip. It can only last a day, cause I have Boots here at home who needs looking after. And I haven't even been doing that properly. He hasn't been walked and I spend next to no time with him. Maybe some time tomorrow if I can see clear skies.

Is anyone reading this?

This is killing me

I want to make everything better, all the bad go away, but I don't want to speak too soon and then just screw it up even worse. If only, I could control time. I would just chuck it on pause for a while and then I have the time to think. I would have all the time I need to make sure I know what I want, and then I could end the hurt.

But no. I don't have the power time control. I'm not the Doctor. I'm not a time travelling ape. I don't own a Portal gun. I know that last one doesn't relate but I have been distracting myself with Portal and the other games found on the Orange Box and now I really want the Portal gun.

I know that it will be over soon, but soon is a long way away right not. I need soon to be now, and I am not the one who is being hurt the most. I can feel soon coming on the horizon, but the horizon is far away. I need a ship to get to the horizon.


Internal Ineptitude

I just don't know how to feel. My insides are slowly killing me. They attack each other and drive me insane. I am getting to a decision, just quadruply checking that I am right. I have to be right. If I make a decision and then it's wrong, I don't think I will get over it. But I think I am there. But I don't know. But I do. Fuck.

Yes I do think that is the first time I have sworn on this blog. Quite impressive seeing as I have had this for over a year, if not two years. However I could be wrong. Yet this is not the point. The problem is that I have a big question tumbling around inside of my and the answer is always out of reach. It kills me that I don't have an answer, because I know what pain my indecision is causing. I hope I will recover from this, and I hope that everyone else does.

I am glad that I have good friends here to support me during this time. I never would have made it this long without my friends. They are all girls. Maybe I should extend my ring of trust to include some male friends.

Maybe next year.

I think?

Today was fun. I dropped Daisy and then just chilled in East Vic Park while I waited for the car to be repaired. It was so boring. However I did make a couple of purchases. I bought The Orange Box and Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands at EB Games and then I came across a closing down DVD rental place and I bought the first season of Life, Sgt. Bilko and Henry Poole Is Here. Those three DVD's only cost me $6.50. I may go back there after dropping Daisy off at camp tomorrow.

I also have been thinking a lot. That is very bad. I have been told by a lot of people that I think way too much. And it is true. I over-think ever single thing that I do. I just hate to be unprepared and because of that I always have to plan ahead. It is really bad and I really need to change. Hopefully I can change. I want to change. I need to change. I am hurting the people around me and some more than others.

I think I can make an internal decision. I am not sure, but I am leaning more to the yes. It is just, that while I think I have an answer, I don't want to admit it or say anything and then not truly mean it. I have to know exactly what I want before I say anything. And it is so difficult cause I want everyone to be happy. I hate it when others feel sad/bad/angry and it hurts me when I am the cause of it. I really just need to turn into Peter Pan. That boy doesn't have those problems, he crushes on Wendy and they are fine. He knows what he wants. He doesn't want to grow up and he is set. I want to be set.

Really, I do.

Decision Time

I'm moving towards the left, and the left is good. But I don't want to move to the left without truly meaning it. Man, this is so difficult! Maybe if I was a dragon, I wouldn't have such issues. I feel terrible. Like my guts want to jump out of my throat, strangle me, and then jump back in, crawl up into my skull and eat my brain for breakfast.

Please, someone just shoot me.


I don't want to go away overseas, I want to stay in bed.


That last post of mine was rather long. I didn't realise how much I had typed until I posted it and then saw it on my blog page. I am a freaking machine of a typist. I wish I could get a job just chilling at home, on my couch, typing out random stuff.

I'd be a millionaire.

Brain Explosion

You know, I thought that I had it all figured out. I mean, yeah I am heaps young to know every that I want and stuff, but I felt good. Everything was fine, moving along and I was happy. Then what happens, I hit a road block of course. There is always that one occurrence that knocks you off. I am on the Crazy Train that Ozzy sings about. And I mean my brain just doesn't know what to do anymore. Like in the past I have been in some sticky situations, but at least I knew how I felt about those situations. Right now I am in the middle of a rock, a hard place AND I have no idea how I feel about it all. If I knew how I felt I could go all Hulk on the hard place and the rock and it would all be over.

But no, I can't go all Hulk cause I don't know how I feel. But me being me, I try to see into the future of the 2 main options that I see ahead of me. I don't know how I feel about it in either futures, but I can see the image in both. However there are a few pitfalls in these futures, and I hate pitfalls.

I am the kind of person who cares about the other persons feelings before my own. I also hold onto guilt for a long time. And furthermore I hold onto regret even longer. Yet I don't admit the last one. And even if you used this post against me, I would claim high on drugs and ice-cream. So don't even bother trying.

I just wish I knew how I felt about it all. It just really sucks that this all happens a few weeks before I leave for overseas for just under 6 months. I mean, I could have hit this road block AGES ago, and if I did, it would be that tiny bit easier, but the karmic Gods hate me. It is a proven fact.

Really, I just wish that I could be like a person from the Sims. When I make too many bad decisions, you delete my save file and you try all over again. It would make my life so much simpler. Or I wish I could be Curtis from Misfits. He can go back in time when he is feeling guilty and stuff, so I would be able to go back ALL the time.

I just want this unknowing pain to be over. However I can't really do anything until the sort of know the answers from two other ports of calls. But the issue is that I can't get those answers without raising a LOT of suspiciousness and possibly a lot of misery and danger. Maybe I am a covert spy and I had my mind wiped. Yet even with my mind wiped it seeks danger and being without my training or missions I have to find danger in pubescent daily life.

This is where most of my hate it directed towards. Puberty. It is an evil time in everyone's life and I hate it a lot. And I know this is entirely clich├ęd, but I am very mature for my age. I just am. Fact of life. I have been getting along with adults a lot better than people my own age. Not that I see people my own age. This year, probably 10% of my time has been spent with people my own age. 7% of the time was with friends.

I am a very lonely person. Like, I love being by myself, cause then I am truly myself. (If you want to see the real uninhibited me, learn to turn invisible) But I also hate it when it is for extended periods. It sucks cause I don't go to Uni, no do I have a "proper" job. I have to wait till I get back from overseas, on a trip that has been decided for me since I was 5. Talk about pressure?

The funny thing is that I am the only one that will read this. Maybe I can treat this as my journal. Except I keep getting random views from people on the internet who are looking for pictures. I have a couple of pictures from 2 movie reviews I did. Ah memories. I thought that was going to be a regular thing for me. Silly Tom.

I am now starting to get a headache. This is what happens when your brain is fried from a decision it can't make right now even if it had the answers. The other thing is that I don't want to make an answer when I am in confusion, and then have me head clear up and I regret it. And what makes things worse is that this decision has a time limit. I have to have an answer before I leave. Not only do I need an answer, but I have to go through with my decision.

I wish I was Batman.


Mum and Dad are getting on a plane in a couple of hours which is heading for Singapore and then they take a connecting flight to London. We are leaving in a few minutes to go to the airport. It should be interesting to see how Daisy reacts. We are going out for Red Rooster afterwards. Then in a couple of days Daisy will be on camp for 6 days. This means that I will have the house to myself for a whole 6 days and no one around.

Thank God I'm not a party animal.


Don't you hate it when you are staying a mate's place and then some bloke comes round. Some seedy bloke who is still a juvie, and is constantly trying to hit on your friend. Well I sure do. Just joking, I'm the bloke. Anyways...

Made a new friend, Mel. She is alright. Already made fun of her ex through facebook chat. Also met a new guy, Josh. He needs to learn how to drive. Re-connected with Lukey P. He is the same as always and of course chilling with my sister Betty. There are no words to describe her cause she is just so amazing and shizz. But don't tell her I said that. She thinks I'm just mean and stuff all the time and I don't want to let her down.

My parents leave for overseas on Sunday. That is going to be intense, just me and Daisy for a whole month together. We should be fine, but Daisy will be missing Mum and Dad everyday. I hope I will be able to toughen her up and help it through it. It is going to be worse when I leave for my 6 month trip. There are going to be so many tears.

On a completely different note, Betty and I were walking out of Fremantle when this guy called out to us. I stopped and he swaggered up to us. Said hi, shook both mine and Betty's hand and introduced himself as Rick. Then, all of a sudden he just hands out this big Red Tulip easter egg. We ask why, and he just shrugs his shoulders. We thank him a heap of times and he then goes back about his business. It was an intense experience to be in Fremantle and NOT asked for money. My faith in humanity may have just increased a little bit. Betty and I decided we can't eat the egg, so we are storing it in the fridge.

As I am typing this, my netbook says that it is 11:48 pm. I am on a bed that does not belong to me in the slightest sitting next to my new friend Mel. She is writing an essay on Leukemia, I am writing on my blog that only gets views due to the pictures I stole from google. Fuck yeah life is amazing.

I really need to calm down.

TV Appearance

I just booked myself in for a TV interview on the Melbourne television show, Planet 31. My friend Sean Pary is part of the brains behind the whole scheme and in his pursuit to unearth artists and all people in variety of avenues, he actually agreed to interview me when I am in Melbourne in November.

Silly boy.

Tai Chi

I will be starting to do Tai Chi with Dad soon. This is because he wants to start it up again because it is a form of exercise and he really enjoys it. He wants me to do it with him because I struggle a lot to relax and just switch my brain off. We are hoping that this will work. If not, I may actually implode.

Think happy thoughts.

Howling Cat Productions

This is the name of a theatre company that is currently in the process of being formed. The people forming it are Aaron Skinner and myself. It is a rather intense project, with a lot of hours going into it just trying to find all the right information that is needed. All while working on another play, baby sitting and delivering catalogues, all after hours.

Why can't some of this fall IN normal trading hours. It would make my life so much more balanced, and help me to stress less.

10 Months

Today is my 10 month anniversary with my girlfriend, Samantha J McLeod. I had completely forgotten until she wished me a happy anniversary just a few moments ago. I feel a little bad about forgetting because usually I am the one who says it at midnight.

I guess I will have to make up for this next month.

Your Hold Upon My Heart

It is the title of the play that I am in. It opens in less than a month. We don't have a final script. Therefore I still don't know all of my lines. It is a work in progress. I have to be right next to the audience. As in centimeters away.

Kill me now.


This is a picture of my girlfriend, Sam, and myself on Australia Day. At this point we are sitting at Jupiter, a certain undisclosed location along the Swan River. We were waiting for the fireworks and got there a little early.

In the background of the picture can be seen a large man on a bicycle. He just snuck in their. He was very sneaky.

I feel bad

I had originally planned to be really committed to this blog, and I actually lasted a while.

At least for me I lasted a while.

However I was dis-heartened because I have pretty much no one following what I write, and it can get a bit boring writing for just me on the internet. But still I have still had at least 5 posts, since I first decided to commit to blogspot.

Alas I am once again working on my blogspot. My interest in this site has been re-newed by the thought of a friend also trying to commit to this website. I am going to be able to do this.

And I will still not use a smile-y face in any one of my posts. And use proper grammar as best I know. And make my single letter "I"s a capital letter.


This weekend my cousin is getting married in Melbourne. I wasn't invited. Awkward. Well my parents have flown over for the weekend so that they can attend the wedding. Hence, I am home alone this weekend. Except it is plus one as I am also with Daisy. So just Daisy and myself for the weekend.



I have risen to the challenge to be an even bigger nerd than I already am. I can not quite remember if I have previously posted about this, but I should now be titled Mega-Nerd.

I can solve a Rubix Cube


I am really excited at the prospect of going camping with my friends.


I leave for London in 107 days. I have a lot of shit to get done by then. And I have barely started any of it.

Oh dear.


At the moment, I am working on a play called Your Hold Upon My Heart. It has been developed by the Powderkeg Group, written by Lis Hoffman, being put on by the Stella Theatre Company and performed at the Camelot Theatre in Mosman Park.

The play deals with al different relationships in modern times and how they have an affect on people. My character is a 17 year old guy called Oscar who falls in love with with a 31 year old woman called Yvonne. Oscar gets a bit obsessive. It is a very different and difficult character to play. It is something so completely knew to me and it is taking a lot of work. Thankfully I have Lis there to help me get through it all and guide me along the way.

We perform in March. I have read the first draft and I get the final script in a week. I get a couple of weeks to learn lines, block, and perform.


Erica and Me

This is the title of a One-Act play. It was written by Alan Robinson. It is kept on the Lazy Bee Script site. It is one of the plays that is going to be put on by Harbour Theatre Company during their One-Act Season. It is going to be directed by Aaron Skinner. And me. Sort of.

Originally the plan was to co-direct a show for the first season this year because we are both brilliant and we want to combine our brilliance. However we were told that we should start with a One-Act play as I am 18 and Aaron is 17. We were then given the option of directing a One-Act play. This was fantastic news except for one little problem. I would be overseas when the One-Act Season would be on.

Yet we have found a solution. Aaron still wants to co-direct with me and so we are going to have the audition process before I leave so I can be around to help, and I can help with the pre show stuff and all backstage elements. This excites me because I am moving up in the creative industry.

It is rather exciting, even if I won't be around the entire time, know the cast or anything and be the silent partner, it will still be fun.

Now to start the work.


Today there was a lot of shit that went down to do with university. For all of those people who wanted to attend Curtin University. A lot of the people got offers for courses that they didn't want or did they even apply for. In one instance a friend of mine who wanted to be in Journalism, was given an offer for Science and Engineering. And even worse, her first preference wasn't Journalism when she changed it from Screen Arts. TISC screwed everything up and so did Curtin. Thankfully for me, my plans sort of worked out.

Originally I put Theatre and Drama as my first preference and this is at Murdoch University. All of the other courses that I had applied for were all along the same idea. They were all theatre/performance courses. However I spoke with my friend Grace while I was filling in my preferences and she suggested that I do the theatre courses combined with secondary education. The reason is that if I combine it with secondary education, it provides me with a back up career sort of thing. Like a safety net, because I want to be an actor.

Yet even with that I left Theatre and Drama as my first preference. Near the end of school I received a letter from ECU saying that in the application for the Performance Arts/Secondary Education course there was an audition component. After attending the audition I felt really good about the course because it felt as though the University cared about who attended and I really liked the attitude of the Head of the Drama department.

Around a week later I got a letter from ECU saying that I was successful in my audition for the school, meaning if I got the right score, I would be allowed into the course. This made me happy and I put the ECU course as my first preference.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago and I checked my preference listing, just cause it was really close to the day of the University admission to be sent out. I then discovered that my preferences had NOT been changed. This got my rather annoyed. The day after the University offers were out, it was a day early, and it was to the course I originally had as first preference.

After a lot of internal debating and anger I realised that it would not be a bad idea to do the Theatre and Drama at Murdoch. If I had no safety net, it would give me another push to go forward with acting, getting a Dip Ed only takes a small amount of time to work in a school, even with deferring I will be doing the course at the same time as my friend Grace and it is nice and close to where I live.

But now I have deferred for my course and I don't have to deal with it until August/September. Even then I will be overseas so it won't be me dealing with it.

I am set.

The Swelling

It never ends...


Imagine if having surgery was as simple as the game, Operation. Doctors would only need a pair of tweezers, and it wouldn't take too long. There would be little chance of damage to the person, and they just get a shock. And if the doctor paid attention in their 7 odd years of training there would be no shocks.

Diagnosis would also be really easy. The doctor just puts you in an MRI machine and see what odd plastic item has become lodged in your body.

I should be under the gas in around two hours getting my teeth out. I am not worried. I just have getting the bloody needles in the hand and stuff. One day, I want them to invent a needle that doesn't go into the body. It serves the same purpose as a needle, but doesn't need to pierce the skin or anything. Maybe everything can be administered by patches, like nicotine for people trying to quit smoking. One day it will be invented.


Wisdom Teeth

Tomorrow at 1pm I am scheduled to have all four of mine removed by Dr John Herbert. I have done everything thing that I am required to, but it stills annoys me that I am having all four of them being taken out. This is because it is going to be a bitch to eat food. All the documentation says that I must avoid eating on the side of my mouth that I am having operated on. Except I am being operated on BOTH sides. This is going to cause quite a predicament.

Also I now have a job. Admittedly it is not much of a job, I am only delivering catalogues to all the houses and units in my housing estate. It is a nice, mindless task that I can do to just keep my mind off things and stuff like that. My first contract is going to pay me just over $23. It took me about an hour and a half to put all the catalogues together, probably another half an hour to an hour to put them into a shopping trolley and then I have no idea how long it will take me to deliver them. However I am planning to do it early in the morning so that way I still have the rest of the day.

I'm Smiling

That is all.


Earlier, I was watching Valiant (won't review because I didn't see beginning) and then I randomly felt a smile come across my face. It could because tomorrow I take my mum and sister to the airport for them to go to Melbourne for a week. Meaning I get a week of freedom and a car. Or it could be because I got my share of pizza, garlic bread and sprite. It could be because I know that in less than 5 months, I will be in England, possibly France.

However I like to believe it is because I get to see Sam tomorrow.

The Kings Speech + Pizza

So my parents have gone out to see The Kings Speech. This annoys me because I told them repeatedly that I wanted to see that film yet they go with out me. I will get over it and just wait till I can acquire a high quality copy. I am going to have to wait for so long.

However if you notice the title of this post also includes pizza. That is because to compensate I believe, my parents have given money so that we can have pizza. Thank you Domino's for having an online service as I hate making phone calls. Life is better.

But I want more than I am allowed. But you can't know what my mind is saying, because that shit is private, and I am still decoding my sub-conscious. There is some crazy stuff stuck up there.

101 Things to do before I die

A couple of years ago some insurance company sent out a promotional list of 101 things to do before dying. While I had no inclination to buy some life insurance, I have kept the list as I find it very well thought out. It has a large range of activities, some which I see as easily do-able, and others that scare the crap out of me. However I will do whatever I can to complete everything on the list, including pushing a police officer on New Years Eve. Maybe I will become friends with a cop. Make it easier on myself.


It is the beginning of the new year. Well it isn't really the beginning, but it is the start of the new year. I say it isn't the beginning because the beginning is like within the first day. And today is the second day of the year. At least it is where I am. To whoever reads this, I write this from my home, mostly my desk, sometimes my bed and the random odd location, in the City of Perth, in the State of Western Australia and in the country of Australia.

I know that most of the page views my blog gets is due to google images trying to find the picture of Michael Sheen's character Zuse. This disappoints me rather a bit because it would be nice if I could be that mysterious, yet popular blog writer that the world loves. But alas that is not to be. Maybe in a few years.

Right now I am super happy for one of my best friends, Betty. The reasons however will remain undisclosed, just to be on the safe side. I am also watching The Shawshank Redemption. I will not review it afterwards as everyone should know that it is amazing. Everyone must watch it before they die at least 5 times.