"I know it's been a long time for me"

Well you know it has been a while since I have posted anything, and right now I find myself a little bored with the absence of Zodiax, she just left, and Style couldn’t even make it today :( Hopefully she feels better soon.

Well anyway this is just going to be a short post about my new year resolution.

And it is to: Say Yes More.

This is to all and every opportunity. Cause I have read the novel Yes Man, which was the basis for the movie staring Jim Carrey, and believe that it is fantastic. But I do tend to say no to a lot of things, just small opportunities and such (however it is going to take a lot for me to dance :P)

But yes, I want to try and say yes more, like this morning I went for a swim with horses, and well I mean, how often will an opportunity like that ever appear again. So yeah, lets see where this takes me.

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