It has nearly been a complete year since I have posted on BlogSpot and I am sure that most of my followers (a grand total of 5) only 1 of them are still using this website :D

But I do not care about that because in all honesty, I need to commit to this. I have a lot of friends, but I need someone that I can talk to without being judged. Which is why I turn to the internet. Because when someone does try to judge me, it doesn't matter as I don't know them.

I also want to use this as a journal for next year as I travel around Europe, America and Costa Rica. Though there is be no internet in Costa Rica, so I will post about it when I get back into a country with internet :D

Hopefully I shall attain some more followers or something. Maybe someone will follow and they will rave about how amazing this blog is (note the sarcasm) but hey what ever happens, happens.

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