"We've worked together for about a year now"

My friend and fellow blogger, Style has posted about her new year resolutions. That post has encouraged me to do the same, yet I find myself unable to talk about the year soon to be, without looking back at the year that was.

Jan 2009 - My first January in Perth. It was a pretty lousy start. For the first two weeks of the year I was on a large scout camp. There were thousands of other kids from all over the country that had come together and it COULD have been the greatest time of my life. However I met a girl, who took up all of my time, lied to me on a very serious level, and brought me into a minor depression. After the camp I cut off all communication or chances for communication with her and life was kind of normal again. I then sat for my learners and got my license.

Feb 2009 - Starting at my new school. Corpus Christi is a very different school to what I am used to. For one it is a co-ed school, and my old school in Melbourne, St Bede's College, was an all boys school. My first day was just plain horrible, I spent all of recess and most of lunch sitting by myself, unable to listen to music, because it is banned at my school. WHAT THE HELL! Well thankfully my now best friend Mud and Bone, recognised me from the orientation day, and became my friend. If it wasn't for her, I would have set into a depression, maybe stopped talking to people for a couple of weeks.

Mar 2009 - The ball has started rolling by this stage. I had a lot more friends and life was turning around. I was struggling with the heat, and this is because Melbourne isn't really a hot place. I had started rehearsing for a scout and guide show. At this stage, I hated it. I was with people who I considered to be s**t. And I have been brought up by a drama teacher, so I have been taught about how to be in rehearsals and all that kind of etiquette. Nevertheless I stuck with it.

Apr 2009 - This was a major month for me. This is when I was discovered by my fellow students in drama. I had my major performance, with Style, and it was an excerpt from The Shifting Heart. I obviously did a good job because I received the highest performance mark. Some of the other people in my class believed that I had already completed year 12 drama. Then it was the holidays and I got to see my friends in Melbourne again, however at the same time my drama class was doing a course at NIDA. At the time, we didn't have the funds for me to go, so I missed out.

May 2009 - My friendship with Disney Princess I believe had started before this month, but it strengthened a lot here. She is a unique character, and I don't think I will ever meet another person like her in my life. We bonded a lot during this time, and became really close friends.

Jun 2009 - What a month. It was my first set of examinations here in Perth. They went alright, but I wish I could have gotten some higher marks. One of the greatest days was when Disney and I went shopping and basically hung out all day. We also did a surprise for The Music Ninja, but you don't really need to know about that. People believed we were going out, I know that there were rumours and all sorts, even people betting when we were going to go out. What a joke, just friends. People couldn't understand out friendship.

Jul 2009 - The standout of July was my scout show. I made one of the greatest friends, and in the same month, I lost her. Dancer is one of the girls that have changed my life this month. She was just so different, and even better she actually was my friend. She was one of my only friends in that show. However there is an age difference of a few years between us, and friendships don't last much longer if you don't see each other all the time. I miss Dancer, but it is probably for the best that our friendship ended.

Aug 2009 - Wow. That is the only way to describe this month. In July I opened up to The Music Ninja that I liked her, well it wasn't mutual and we just ignored that. Well it was in this month, that she came to the realisation that she DID in fact like me. Well that was such great news to me. Like, well, it is fact indescribable. However this was also a month of sadness. My schools community experienced a tragedy in this month the year prior. At the anniversary however I experienced my own tragedy. My dog Scooter, nine years old, had to be put down, due to a form of cancer, that was through out his body.

Sept 2009 - Another pretty amazing month. I had my year 11 retreat and being a Cadre leader, I was on a smaller retreat with people, mostly my friends. However it was a time of stupidity (on my behalf) and joy (on other's behalf). I had confused the relationship between The Music Ninja and Emoet. Well I just didn't speak, and I got a lot of people worried, especially Music, Disney and Zodiax. Well eventually I stopped being stupid and later that night, Emoet asked Disney out. Well I felt like a fool for thinking that Emoet and Music were being rude. Well things worked out for the better :)

Oct 2009 - A month of sadness. The beginning of this month was holidays, and I invited friends around to stay the night. Those friends were Emoet, Music, Disney, Mud and Bone, Voldemort, Zodiax, Style and myself. However Emoet and Style weren't able to make it. Still I managed to screw things up completely. I would prefer not to go into details, but this night strained things between myself and Music a lot. It was later this month, actually later these holidays that I broke it off with Music. No I did not dump Music, we just realised that out relationship was not working, and believed it better we were friends. Of course I was a jerk and ignored Music for a while because I thought that it would help me. It didn't, I just felt super sorry for myself and should have just moved on a lot quicker. Unfortunately in this month, Disney and I kind of split out ways. We barely talked and we friends in name solely. Thankfully during this time I also made a new friend, Spooner. Without her help, I don't think I would have survived.

Nov 2009 - The end of the school year. Finished class, finished exams, got through the Dinner Dance (I don't dance). I had opening night of the Harbour Theatre's Oliver Twist. In the show I was Noah Claypole (The Undertakers Assistant), Jilted Joseph (One of Fagin's boys) and the Police Officer. It was a lot of fun that show, I made a few friends and learnt a thing or two from other people acting in the show. It was my debut to amateur theater.

Dec 2009 - I had my birthday. I also had my 17th birthday party, in combination with Zodiax. That was a lot of fun. I think the best part of this month, is the fact that I started mending my friendship with Disney and Music. They are great friends and I am glad that I am once again friends with them.

That is the year that was. It is only a brief look at my year, but it includes a lot. Now you may have noticed there are some names that don't quite make sense. Well they aren't real names, but what I will be using for my friends, rather than mention who they are, because they may not want to be seen here, I describe them using pseudonyms.

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