Merry Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day. It is the day after Christmas. In Australia it is like the equivalent of the American Black Friday. I don't know why American's call it Black Friday, I just know that it is the major shopping day of the year for them. Boxing Day marks the start of our Post-Christmas sales.

However I have spoken to a number of people in retail and the sales that are on after Christmas, are generally the same as the sales that are put on before Christmas. But in everyone's mind, if you buy something after Christmas, it is automatically cheaper. I have never really been shopping on Boxing Day before. Today I am going with Sam to see The Tourist at 1pm. Before that I hope I am going to pop into EB Games to buy Assassin's Creed II. I will see what all the hustle and bustle of the Boxing Day sales are like.

I hope I am not disappointed.

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