Tron Legacy: Review

The other night Dad and I went to go see Tron Legacy. I was sort of excited to see this movie because dad thought that the original Tron was amazing and so therefore this one should be as well. And I was super pumped to see the light cycle battles.

The movie began and it was looking alright. There was a great opening and it felt as though it was a follow up trying to fit in with the last movie. Then we got into the "grid" and it looked amazing. We were watching it in 3-D so the "grid" looked brilliant. Then we saw a light cycle battle and it was epic. However it was the only light cycle battle in the entire movie. There was a flying battle at the end of the movie similar to the light cycle battle but not as good.

Yet I feel that the movie was saved by one brilliant character Zuse. Played by Michael Sheen he was the stunning Machiavellian character who has some fantastic dialogue and action moments. And he also commanded Daft Punk. That was pretty kool.
He made the movie good for me. Otherwise it was just an average, flat movie.
Ah well, next I want to see The King's Speech with Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter.

Should be great.

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