"A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself"

There are many things in life that I constantly change my mind on. I change me views on people, on actions, on political situations, on music. However there are also some things that I don’t change my mind about. One of which is my morales. Ferris Bueller summed one of them up in the above quote, at least the ending of it. “He should believe in himself”

A majority of the world believe in a religion. Some of the most common is Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. However I find the constraints of religion are so tight, that it is hard to hold a personal view. For that reason I take little bits from certain religions and form my own beliefs.

I don’t believe in a typical God, but a supreme being that started us all. There must have been some force that started us off, but since then, has just been happy idly sitting by watching us prosper and suffer.

A lot of people in the world define themselves by these religions. However these religions aren’t their values, but values that have been passed down over the centuries. This being they are believing in an ism.

People need to set down their own values and principles in life, and not just follow those that are their parents, and other generations. One of my personal beliefs is that if everyone ditched religion, praised their own God in their own way, and lived by their own values, we could avoid a lot of war and pointless death.

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