"We seem to have missed out on the welcoming beaker of mead"

There are some people in the world that miss out on opportunities, because they can’t be bothered going through with it, or they are too lazy, or they just decide not to. Then later someone always tells you that you missed out on an amazing opportunity. Well what happens when you aren’t given the opportunity in the first place.

Everybody needs a chance to prove them self, but when that opportunity doesn’t arise, what are you meant to do. Unfortunately you just have to keep moving. Life moves on, as they say, nevertheless it doesn’t hurt any less.

In my own personal experience, which is the reason why I am passing on this knowledge of mine, is that I missed out on the role that I wanted in my school musical of Oliver

I was hoping for the role of Fagin, the leader of the pick-pockets. Instead I was given Noah Claypole, the assistant of the undertaker, Mr Sowerberry. I have just finished performing in a stage version of Oliver Twist, and I also played Noah in that production. It would appear that the role is following me everywhere. My dad reckons that I should pull out and audition for other shows around Perth. But following the saying “There is no such thing as a small role, only small actors” I won’t pull out and stick with the show anyway.

One day I may get the opportunity to prove myself on the stage, and show that I am actually capable of performing a lead role. Unfortunately that day isn’t today, but one day I will get the opportunity. And in a true acting style, I will rub it in the face of those who kept oppressing me.

Just kidding :)

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