"You mean you're just doing this out of the kindness of your heart?"

This morning I sent sent out seven text messages. There wasn't much written on it, just a smiley face. As of now I have received six replies. The first response, my friend asked why I had sent the smile. My second response came and once again, I was asked if there was anything that I wanted. My third response was another question, but just asking how I was. She was just starting conversation. The next response came much later, from one of two guys I sent the text two. He also asked about the smile. Then came the most original response, it was just another smiley face, and nothing else. Finally the most recent response sent their thanks, and asked why I had sent the smiley face.

Originally I had only sent the texts as a random act of kindness. Most people say they love getting random acts of kindness, and others say that they love texts with a smile in them. So i combined the two of them, and so far the majority of my friends question my motives. I had no motive, i just wanted to spread the happiness amongst my friends.

Today, we are living in a very hypocritical world. There is a lot of misery and despair so we must look for the happiness where ever we can find it. However as a whole, humanity no longer believes in true happiness. How can it possibly exist when there is so much violence and death everywhere we look?

Because of this we are brought up, subconsciously, to question all the nice things in the world. Hopefully one day there will be some unity amongst us in the world. This unity may bring us some happiness, or it may not. But the greatest thing we can hope for, is that one day, we will learn to accept happiness and be grateful that it exists.

My text messages this morning were not intended to be an experiment of sorts, it was truly just a random act of kindness. It is just that as of now, this thought came to me.

A smile a day, keeps Tom Dimmick away.


  1. :O I didn't ask if you wanted anything. I was like "what's up brother" well i didn't say it exactly like that but you know what I mean XD.

  2. I was just shortening it :P :) I STILL LOVE YOU :D