Today there was a lot of shit that went down to do with university. For all of those people who wanted to attend Curtin University. A lot of the people got offers for courses that they didn't want or did they even apply for. In one instance a friend of mine who wanted to be in Journalism, was given an offer for Science and Engineering. And even worse, her first preference wasn't Journalism when she changed it from Screen Arts. TISC screwed everything up and so did Curtin. Thankfully for me, my plans sort of worked out.

Originally I put Theatre and Drama as my first preference and this is at Murdoch University. All of the other courses that I had applied for were all along the same idea. They were all theatre/performance courses. However I spoke with my friend Grace while I was filling in my preferences and she suggested that I do the theatre courses combined with secondary education. The reason is that if I combine it with secondary education, it provides me with a back up career sort of thing. Like a safety net, because I want to be an actor.

Yet even with that I left Theatre and Drama as my first preference. Near the end of school I received a letter from ECU saying that in the application for the Performance Arts/Secondary Education course there was an audition component. After attending the audition I felt really good about the course because it felt as though the University cared about who attended and I really liked the attitude of the Head of the Drama department.

Around a week later I got a letter from ECU saying that I was successful in my audition for the school, meaning if I got the right score, I would be allowed into the course. This made me happy and I put the ECU course as my first preference.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago and I checked my preference listing, just cause it was really close to the day of the University admission to be sent out. I then discovered that my preferences had NOT been changed. This got my rather annoyed. The day after the University offers were out, it was a day early, and it was to the course I originally had as first preference.

After a lot of internal debating and anger I realised that it would not be a bad idea to do the Theatre and Drama at Murdoch. If I had no safety net, it would give me another push to go forward with acting, getting a Dip Ed only takes a small amount of time to work in a school, even with deferring I will be doing the course at the same time as my friend Grace and it is nice and close to where I live.

But now I have deferred for my course and I don't have to deal with it until August/September. Even then I will be overseas so it won't be me dealing with it.

I am set.

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