Imagine if having surgery was as simple as the game, Operation. Doctors would only need a pair of tweezers, and it wouldn't take too long. There would be little chance of damage to the person, and they just get a shock. And if the doctor paid attention in their 7 odd years of training there would be no shocks.

Diagnosis would also be really easy. The doctor just puts you in an MRI machine and see what odd plastic item has become lodged in your body.

I should be under the gas in around two hours getting my teeth out. I am not worried. I just have getting the bloody needles in the hand and stuff. One day, I want them to invent a needle that doesn't go into the body. It serves the same purpose as a needle, but doesn't need to pierce the skin or anything. Maybe everything can be administered by patches, like nicotine for people trying to quit smoking. One day it will be invented.


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