Erica and Me

This is the title of a One-Act play. It was written by Alan Robinson. It is kept on the Lazy Bee Script site. It is one of the plays that is going to be put on by Harbour Theatre Company during their One-Act Season. It is going to be directed by Aaron Skinner. And me. Sort of.

Originally the plan was to co-direct a show for the first season this year because we are both brilliant and we want to combine our brilliance. However we were told that we should start with a One-Act play as I am 18 and Aaron is 17. We were then given the option of directing a One-Act play. This was fantastic news except for one little problem. I would be overseas when the One-Act Season would be on.

Yet we have found a solution. Aaron still wants to co-direct with me and so we are going to have the audition process before I leave so I can be around to help, and I can help with the pre show stuff and all backstage elements. This excites me because I am moving up in the creative industry.

It is rather exciting, even if I won't be around the entire time, know the cast or anything and be the silent partner, it will still be fun.

Now to start the work.

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