At the moment, I am working on a play called Your Hold Upon My Heart. It has been developed by the Powderkeg Group, written by Lis Hoffman, being put on by the Stella Theatre Company and performed at the Camelot Theatre in Mosman Park.

The play deals with al different relationships in modern times and how they have an affect on people. My character is a 17 year old guy called Oscar who falls in love with with a 31 year old woman called Yvonne. Oscar gets a bit obsessive. It is a very different and difficult character to play. It is something so completely knew to me and it is taking a lot of work. Thankfully I have Lis there to help me get through it all and guide me along the way.

We perform in March. I have read the first draft and I get the final script in a week. I get a couple of weeks to learn lines, block, and perform.


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