It is the beginning of the new year. Well it isn't really the beginning, but it is the start of the new year. I say it isn't the beginning because the beginning is like within the first day. And today is the second day of the year. At least it is where I am. To whoever reads this, I write this from my home, mostly my desk, sometimes my bed and the random odd location, in the City of Perth, in the State of Western Australia and in the country of Australia.

I know that most of the page views my blog gets is due to google images trying to find the picture of Michael Sheen's character Zuse. This disappoints me rather a bit because it would be nice if I could be that mysterious, yet popular blog writer that the world loves. But alas that is not to be. Maybe in a few years.

Right now I am super happy for one of my best friends, Betty. The reasons however will remain undisclosed, just to be on the safe side. I am also watching The Shawshank Redemption. I will not review it afterwards as everyone should know that it is amazing. Everyone must watch it before they die at least 5 times.

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