Don't you hate it when you are staying a mate's place and then some bloke comes round. Some seedy bloke who is still a juvie, and is constantly trying to hit on your friend. Well I sure do. Just joking, I'm the bloke. Anyways...

Made a new friend, Mel. She is alright. Already made fun of her ex through facebook chat. Also met a new guy, Josh. He needs to learn how to drive. Re-connected with Lukey P. He is the same as always and of course chilling with my sister Betty. There are no words to describe her cause she is just so amazing and shizz. But don't tell her I said that. She thinks I'm just mean and stuff all the time and I don't want to let her down.

My parents leave for overseas on Sunday. That is going to be intense, just me and Daisy for a whole month together. We should be fine, but Daisy will be missing Mum and Dad everyday. I hope I will be able to toughen her up and help it through it. It is going to be worse when I leave for my 6 month trip. There are going to be so many tears.

On a completely different note, Betty and I were walking out of Fremantle when this guy called out to us. I stopped and he swaggered up to us. Said hi, shook both mine and Betty's hand and introduced himself as Rick. Then, all of a sudden he just hands out this big Red Tulip easter egg. We ask why, and he just shrugs his shoulders. We thank him a heap of times and he then goes back about his business. It was an intense experience to be in Fremantle and NOT asked for money. My faith in humanity may have just increased a little bit. Betty and I decided we can't eat the egg, so we are storing it in the fridge.

As I am typing this, my netbook says that it is 11:48 pm. I am on a bed that does not belong to me in the slightest sitting next to my new friend Mel. She is writing an essay on Leukemia, I am writing on my blog that only gets views due to the pictures I stole from google. Fuck yeah life is amazing.

I really need to calm down.

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