I have picked up a new follower today. I don't know who the person is, so that is really different. I have never really thought of this blog actually gaining followers. I mean, come on, all I have been doing is ranting about my life. And my life is kind of boring.

I wonder if I cam make my life more interesting. Well I am going overseas in about 20 days and then I can blog all about my trip. I will have fun, but I am also going to miss everyone here in Perth. Which is a weird thing to be saying, cause well, it is Perth, and I never thought that I would miss Perth. But I will.

Right now I am watching Parenthood. This movie is actually completely hilarious and I love it! I just saw a an old lady speak with helium. I am also really bored. I think that someone should come and chill with me. Except the person that I really want to come and chill with me is probably asleep. And even if she isn't, she doesn't read this.

Ah well.

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