It is darkest before the dawn

I am all alone now. Mum, Dad and Daisy have gone off to their hotel and tomorrow night they fly out back home. And here I am, at the Clink 78, in their internet courtroom, on my borrowed comptuer, typing this out.

Well this morning we all woke up and packed all the gear together, most of it was left unpack, and we got back from Colin and Jill's rather late last night. So after packing all up we made out way to the ferry to find out, even though we had a flexi ticket, it was booked for 8am and we had missed out boat. At that point I was rather scared cause he said there was no stand-bys, meaning we might not get on the ferry. Luckily he was able to get us on the 12:30 boat.

20 minutes later and we were on the mainland and begun the 2 and a half hour journey into London. Though mind you, by the time it had ended it was more like 3 hours if not more. So much traffic in London. Honestly, we in Perth think that driving is bad, I have already seen two major accidents and I have only been here two weeks.

Well anyway we eventually made it and I checked in and then we all went for a drink. It was meant to actually be afternoon tea, but Dad's back was stuffed, and the only close and open place was a bar, that only served drinks by a very grumbly bar lady.

Then it was time to say goodbye. It was emotional. Enough said.

I was then going to hop on a computer, but it was too busy, so I just went for what I thought was going to be a small walk, which turned into an hour walk. Pretty boring, but I got some exercise. Now I am back in the computer area typing this out and "talking" to all my friends and other people reading this. I think my family will now start to read this, so better stop spreading rumours about them. Mum and Dad, if you actually are reading this, that is a joke. Hope you get it.

I think I should get off now. The facebook page said that the people from our tour would meet up in the bar at 8, so that is an hour away, but I can just chill in my room and sort out my stuff, maybe charge my phone so that I can get up in time for my tour tomorrow.

Now that the family has gone back, I am starting to miss everyone. It sucks, but soon I will have new friends (hopefully) and I will be set. Bye. Tell me that you miss me. Makes me feel better. But not here. On Facebook. Now. Go.


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  1. Ok, not bad but don't forget to post a few photos as well. Daisy really loved the email. I know it is a little scary but just go with it and enjoy. You may find that others might be just as scared. Looking forward to reading more. Dad. :) LYH try and figure that one out. ;)