Oh Geez!

Well I haven't been here in a while, not since Switzerland, so I think some dot points are in order:

  • Took the bus to Nice, it was boring
  • (Day in Nice) Went to the beach
  • Forgot money and had to walk back to hotel
  • Walked to beach
  • Walked up stairs to get awesome view
  • Chilled on beach
  • Chilled on the beach for a few hours and was served drinks and food (It was beautiful)
  • Went back to hotel to get ready to go to Monaco and Monte Carlo
  • Learnt how to play craps (My God it is SO much fun!)
  • Lost 40 Euro, but was worth it
  • (Bus Day to Florence) Was so boring
  • We stopped at Pisa
  • Saw the leaning tower, not as impressive as I thought it would be
  • Arrived in Florence and had dinner and stuff like that
  • (Day in Florence) Had a walking tour
  • It would have been a great one if I could have heard the lady, but alas it was still good
  • Chilled
  • Walked around
  • Found a Garden Museum thing which was beautiful
  • Would go back there again
  • Chilled in internet cafe
  • Found dinner place
  • Jersey Shore walked past
  • Went home
  • (Bus to Rome)
  • Boring as all hell
  • Arrived in Rome in the afternoon
  • Went on walking tour which was good, learnt a bit and also already knew a bit
  • I was impressed that I knew anything at all
  • Came home
  • (Today)
  • Not in Rome because I am going to come back myself and stay closer to the city
  • Just relaxing, doing washing and being happy
  • And yeah!

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