Lack of internet!

So I haven't had much luck with the internet lately. Which is a bit of a massive pain, because it means I haven't posted about what has been going on the last few days, so I'm not going to write paragraphs, instead I am going to do it in dot point form and just say the interesting stuff:

  • Had terrible sleep in hostel
  • Woke up and joined the group on the bus
  • Went to the Ferry
  • Rode 90 mins to France
  • Waited for bus
  • Bird crapped on shoulder within one hour of being in France
  • Drove into Paris
  • Got to Paris and saw it was a little dirty, but not as bas as expected
  • Had dinner
  • Had tour around Paris at night time
  • It was alright, but photos were shotty
  • Went home and slept
  • (Day 2) Got up
  • Had Breakfast
  • Grabbed bag and started walking
  • Caught Metro to Gare Du L'Est
  • Walked to Notre Dame
  • Walked to Pantheon
  • Walked to Luxembourg Gardens (So beautiful and relaxing)
  • Chilled there and read my book (The Lost Symbol)
  • Caught Metro to Musee d'Orsey
  • Walked to Lourve
  • Walked to Champs d'Lysee
  • Walked to Arc de Triomph
  • Walked to Eiffel Tower
  • Chilled there and read more of book
  • Found Topdeck group for dinner
  • Caught Metro to Opera House
  • Walked to Madeline Church
  • Caught Metro home
  • Slept
  • (Day 3) Got up and had breakfast
  • Put bags in bus
  • Drove to Switzerland with stops at various servo stations
  • On the way introduced self
  • Arrived in switzerland
  • Had "Welcome Shot"
  • It wasn't nice
  • Had dinner
  • Slept
  • (Day 4) (Today) Had breakky
  • Got internet
  • Typed on blog.
So yeah that is what I have been getting up to. Now about photos, I am not going to take many, cause really, they don't look that great, and the ones that do, you can buy on post cards and stuff. But I will get photos with Clive when ever I can.

So yeah, later.


  1. If the photo aspect of the camera does not do a good job then what about doing some videos, you can comment on what, who and where and that would be good to see. You could then upload them to YouTube, the video part of the camera is very good and the telephoto part is spectacular. So check it out and give us some videos. Dad

  2. Yeah but I would rather just explore and feel. I'm using my 5 senses and a camera isn't one of them.