Well, it has once again been two days since I have been able to post about my "adventures" so far. Well for my first day on the Isle of Wight I got to have a sleep, I mean it was such a big sleep in. It was to 9am. Well Mum and Dad went into the car and drove to Osbourne House, which is where Queen Victoria would go for a holiday, and Daisy and I stayed behind to just relax and get our own breakfast. Well for Daisy that meant a cheese sandwich and chips, and for me a poorly made full breakfast. Well that was alright I guess, but we went back and just hung out at the lodge/hotel until Mum and Dad got back. Dad then did family history stuff and the three of us watched telly and stuff.

Dad eventually came back and we got in the car to go to Blackgang Chine. It is like the Isle of Wight Disneyland. But the Isle being rather small, Blackgang Chine was to scale. Now that sounds harsh, it was actually alright. It was something for Daisy, because she hasn't really been having the time of her life going from castle to castle and she loved it.

After the Chine, we drove down the road to my Great-Aunt Angie's house for dinner with my cousins Andrew, Sarah and four others who I can't actually remember, and their kids. It was a great night of food and laughter. Just what the doctor ordered. That was the end of that day.

This morning, instead of getting up relaxing-ly, we packed up all our gear because Mum and Dad weren't happy with the lodge/hotel for various reasons and we were going to leave early, and stay at this place called Liberty. It is a cafe/bistro type place, but they have two self contained apartments upstairs which is where we are currently staying. And you know what, I am alright with that. It is a great comfy place. But that is where I am now, during the day, we went to see my Great-Grandma Dolly, who is currently staying with Great-Aunt Carol. My family is still alive and kicking and there is a heap of us. Well Dad was happy as Larry chatting away with Carol and Dolly all about the family history, and Daisy and I spent our time with Andrew who is a really great guy and quite easy to get along with.

So all in all it hasn't been that bad of a past two days. It isn't long till Mum, Dad and Daisy fly off back home, and then I begin my solo adventure. Bit scary when for me, it is Wednesday night, and we leave Friday afternoon. At the same time I'm missing people back home. You probably don't know who you are, but one or two might.


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