Royal Mail: The Enemy

Well my dear friend Betty, is being stalked by Australia Post. And you know, since coming over to the UK, I have really begun to understand her pain. I am being stalked by Royal Mail, the UK equivilant of Australia Post.

Every day I have been here, I have either seen them making a door to door delivery just by foot, or by bicycle, or I have seen a van or truck. It wasn't that much of a big deal at first, but it is becoming rather serious.

Today I got the biggest scare of all. I had seen my usual three Royal Mail representatives, but then I saw a fourth, and a fifth. I thought that they were beginning to close in on me and strike me down. So I decided to go for a walk, you know, blend in and all. Well as I am walking along, I am seeing Royal Mail more and more and more. It turns out, I was walking into enemy territory.

I was walking past the Mount Pleasant Royal Mail Service centre. There was over a hundred vechiles in the parking lot and I believe I have seen over 150 Royal Mail representatives today. Thankfully I leave on my tour tomorrow morning and will be safe from all the Royal Mail.


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