Topdeck Tour Highlights Part 2

Day 3 - Bus-ing About
We got on the bus in the morning and drove to a small town in Switzerland called Lauterbrunnen. That actually sums up the entire day.

Day 4 - Waterfall Explosion
This day was very nice. I woke up in the morning and my first visit was to the near-by waterfall. At first I thought it looked like a nice easy walk, but then it became really steep and by the end of it, I was completely stuffed. Any way I made it, except I couldn't go to the top, but I could sort of be behind the waterfall yet I couldn't reach it. Really sucked. Even more I couldn't get to the base because it was on private property.

I then went on to start walking around and got down eventually to another waterfall where I had to pay 11 Swiss Francs and then I was able to see 8 waterfall, but even more they were inside a cave. It was actually pretty awesome, and by the time I made it to the top waterfall, I was inside and it was so loud, I couldn't hear myself talk.

That was most of the day. I spent some time in a cafe, bought a book and went down to a small river part. Eventually made it back to camp and sat around with others, while they drank and stuff and just hung out.

Day 5 - Another Bus Adventure
This bus day was a drive to the French town of Nice. It was horrible. I would try to read my book and we would drive through a tunnel. I was close to screaming out of frustration. However that night we had dinner and I sat with Wendy, Emily and Bel and had a proper conversation and stuff. It was nice. We then went onto a place called Wayne's Bar and it was great. Except we were in the "pit" with a Contiki tour group, they were utterly smashed and the live music was incredibly loud. But still great night.

Day 6 - Lazy France
This day was kind of awesome. I walked down to the beach, climbed a tower to get a fantastic view and then down to the beach to sit around for hours reading and being served food and drink.

That night we drove to Monaco and went to a Monte Carlo casino. I played with 40 Euro. I started with poker against the dealer in which he didn't fully explain and I lost 30 Euro. Then I went and learnt how to play craps. My God it is so much fun. I broke even. Then earned some more, then lost it. Then I was the roller and wow, I made so much money. Except it was for everyone else on the table. However I still feel great in that they were all cheering for me and had fun.

Day 7 - Buus!
We drove to Florence. Went past the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Really, seeing a picture of it is enough for me. Then made it to Florence where not much happened.

Now I am bored of writing about this trip, so you have to wait. Again. Because I'm kool like that.



  1. Cool, some pictures would be good. you know me Dad

  2. A person could die of thirst between drink at this rate, where is the next installment. :)