So today, I got up and didn't really wake up for a good hour. I was a wee bit tired. Then I eventually got up to have some breakfast and begin my stroll. I went to one waterfall, then walked for about 2 hours, and eventually got back to the Trumbennal (or something like that) falls. They were falls inside the mountain. It was incredibly loud, and I could barely hear myself talk; and I have good hearing.

Then I did some more walking, chilled in a cafe, traded The Lost Symbol for The Talented Mr Ripley. I then moved onto exploring some more eventually made my way to a river. It was gorgeous and I could spend all day there just chilling in a seat with a good book, sort of how I felt about the Luxembourg Gardens.

Then it was sitting around the river at the camping site with a bunch of people from the Topdeck group. Overall it is a good day. Tomorrow is another bus day.

Yay for me.

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  1. Tom what about doing some video's?
    And have you started to mix, do you have any friends on the trip yet?