The Isle

Well I am finally at a pit stop sort of a place. I am right now sitting in a little space on the staircase of the hotel I am staying in, on the Isle of Wight. Like, there is the staircase, but there has been a little space hollowed out and they have put in it a couch, tiny table and a little light on it. It is pretty awesome because I can actually connect to the internet here. Such internet troubles I have been having.

Well anyway this morning I got up and went down for breakfast, got to have Coco Pops. Coco Pops in England taste rather different to Coco Pops in Australia, but I don't really know what it is that is different. Anyway we then drove down the road a little bit to the town of Cheddar where Dad and I went into the Caves at the gorge. There were some pretty spectacular sights inside the cave, and was much nicer than outside the cave if I am entirely honest, it was a constant drizzle for some hours.

Then we checked out this other cave which just had some coloured lights in it. Rather boring if I do say so myself. After the two caves Dad and I climbed up 274 stairs to see a big view of the entire area. By the time we had gotten back down, Dad's legs were wobbly and my legs were wibbly. You can tell how fit we are, can't you.

Cheddar being finished we continued on the road to our eventual destination of Limington. Yet being us, we can't just go to where we are wanting to go, we must stop of a number of times. Though today we didn't do too badly. We were off to Glastonbury where they once claimed that King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were buried. However after years of that claim it was proven false, yet the area at the Abbey is filled with some little stalls showing how life used to be centuries ago. It was like a mini Warwick castle and it was really good. We saw clay making, tile making, weaving and sculpting. The town itself is also filled with all sorts of witchcraft stores and fantasy stores. All that sort of stuff that makes me want to go back for a visit later.

After realising what the time was, we hopped back into the car and drove to Limington where we drove onto the ferry for the half a mile ride to the Isle of Wight. We landed drove to Ryde where we are staying and then just went out for dinner. Though while looking for dinner we saw drunken people in an argument. I had a little chuckle. As always.

We are here for a few days which means that we can relax a bit. We will be catching up with family and the sort, and hopefully we can get to the pirate shop.

I'm keen.

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