This is my 100th post ever since my first post back in the good ol' 2009. And I feel that this is a very momentous occasion. It is a great time in which I have shown a commitment over a number of years to a blog with very minimal exposure of my just spilling my guts about my day to day life. I am actually a bit proud of myself, because this is like a journal. In the past I have tried journals and I have failed hopelessly. But now, I am succeeding. But I also feel like a complete pig. However that is something completely different altogether.

So. 100 posts. Should I write something inspirational? Something moving? Something emotional? Or how about I write something with a hidden meaning. Then again, a lot of what I write has a hidden meaning. And only I know the meaning. Sometimes Betty knows the meaning, but that is only after I tell her the secret code. We are just so cool together. Back on topic however, I feel that this post needs to have something in it that can separate it from all the other posts. I could do various shout outs to people like Gustav Zoidburg and ClaireLouise, the only two people who I believe regularly read this or at least see if there is a new post. I could pretend to come out as a homosexual, however I think that joke has been overplayed quite a bit.

This is turning out to be quite a dull post. I need to jazz things up a bit here on this blog. Maybe I can do some advertising and get thousands of people reading this, cause I write just the most amazing words. Well when I am a super famous actor people will be going back to my first post to learn all their is about me and then stalk me. And those people shall be scarred by what they read. Maybe I could tell you all the Oompa Loompa story. No, that is way too mean. I think I will just leave you with the following words:

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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  1. Yay 100!


    i think you should be that pirate i couldn't seem to win against.

    i'll forever have nightmares aheh.