Day 2

So I woke up really slowly and we all moved in a bit of a relaxed fashion. So relaxed in fact that we didn't have breakfast until 10:30am. Bit awkward if I do say so myself. Then we saw the outside of Westminster Abby, went to Kensington Palace were 7 princesses have lived in the past. Then we went and saw Shrek the Musical!

Well it was fantastic staging of the musical, the songs were great but I have to say, that some of the acting, not so great. Mum and I are actually terrible and we were making our comments about the acting from the first moment we got out. Then we caught up with cousins James and Phil and James' wife Julie. We had dinner at an Aussie Burger joint. Just because we don't have enough Australian food as it is. Now I am back at the place in which we are staying and it is almost 11pm. Pretty big day for Daisy especially seeing as she was up at 7:30.

Tomorrow we rent a car and start our journey around England. I don't know whether I will have internet access. I hope I do because well, I like the internet to be honest.

Here's hoping.

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