Tomorrow will be the last day that I make a delivery for the Salmat distribution company. After 5 months of working for Salmat, tomorrow will be the last time that I have to begin my hour long walk with my Star Wars headphones on, with my rickety and loud trolley around the streets of my estate, putting junk mail in people's letter boxes.

No longer do I have to worry about the awkwardness of running into people at their drive ways when giving them junk mail. I will no longer be forced to wait, standing there urging to twiddle my thumbs, only to find them being used to hold the dreaded mail, while the older lady slowly makes her way towards me to collect the pile of junk. Tomorrow is freedom.

In other news I have had a great idea for a movie screenplay. However I only have the base idea for now. I still need to come up with a story and stuff, but if I ever make the movie, it will look just amazing. Right now I am about to go to bed, cause I am really tired and need to get up to get Daisy ready for school and stuff. So its goodnight from me, and its goodnight from him. Goodnight.

Who knows where that is from?

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