Today got up bright and early, to find out that Dad had set the alarm far too early. So that was a nice surprise for me. But anyway we got up eventually and had some breakfast. Then we made our way onto to Warwick. When we were there we found this big castle. At first I thought it was going to be one of the usual castles that we have been seeing the entire time, but this was completely different. This was filled with people all dressed up in period pieces and heaps of things were going on. It was a heap of fun. We saw a big jousting tournament and a show. It was completely cheesy, but still a lot of fun.

We stayed there for quite a while and after we realised the time, we hit the road again. We were on the way to a town called Dymock, but it is pronounced the same as my last name. This is the town where the King's Champion came from, but they eventually moved to a place called Scrivelsby. We think that our family was the King's Champion. But we still have a few gaps to fill in before we can say that we are that family. Dymock was a short stop because I wanted to go to Cheltenham. This is only because back in Melbourne I lived in the suburb of Cheltenham, so just for irony sake I needed a picture of Cheltenham in England.

Cheltenham was an even shorter stop than Dymock and we started for Cheddar/Shipham. After quite a few wrong turns due to road work and the TomTom not knowing the road work, we eventually got to the Inn where I am currently typing all of this out. It is a nice quiet place where we have just had a rather big dinner. Tomorrow we are going to check out the gorge at Cheddar and possibly the shop where everyone can get their fill of free Cheddar samples.

So till then.

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