At Last

Today I completed my last delivery for the Salmat distribution company. And on this very momentous day, the giant spider that I have seen every time I have walked around since mid January, had disappeared. Yet I am fairly confident that it had been dead for the entire time and was just stuck to the web. It was still rather fitting, emotional and nostalgic. I think.

No longer will I walked past the beautiful houses down the second shortest street in the estate. No more will I have to struggle with putting junk mail in the mail boxes of the flats at the end of the shortest street in the estate. I will no longer have to push the extremely old, rickety noisy trolley around. I have probably mentioned this in my post yesterday, but it still stands. I may miss it. Well hey, now I need a new form of exercise.



  1. This is just hilarious... we hope you have a fantastic trip.
    Happy adventures...
    x Sisterhood

  2. Thanks :)

    Umm, just out of interest, how did you find this blog? :)