Past couple of days

So I finally am able to log onto Blogger and post about what I have been getting up to. Lets hope that I can remember it all hey.

Well when I had last written it was my first night in Edinburgh. After that post we all went out to dinner but it took forever to actually find a place in which Daisy would not complain and eat the food. We eventually settled for this Scottish Italian place. It was really nice. The next day we headed up to Rosslyn Chapel from the Da Vinci Code and looked around. I listened to the lady who was giving the speech and one person who had been through, thought that it was not the Holy Grail hidden there, but Elvis Presley. After the chapel we found a castle about an hour away and had lunch in a small gallery place. Then it was to another castle. Scotland is either full of them, or it is all that we see. Eventually we got back to Edinburgh and then Dad and I caught up with a friend of his, Jordan, and he took us to dinner at a place called Dog's Breakfast, or something like that. Afterwards Dad and Jordan went to Edinburgh Castle but I stayed behind just to relax and sleep.

The next morning we had a long drive ahead of us as we went to Loch Lomond, or at least we tried to. There was a pit stop along the way but I can't remember what it actually was that we saw. Bit of a shame but it was probably just another lake. Slowly we were making it up to the Loch. By the time we got there, I have to say it was actually worth it. It was quite a sight, there are island in the Loch itself and they are huge in Scotland. We had lunch at The Clansman which is just the local pub for a place which is in the middle of nowhere pretty much, but has great food. Except I ordered a Steak and Ale pie and there was no pastry around it. In England, at least what I have seen so far is that you don't get pastry all around the pie, only a puffed up pastry thingy on top of the meat. Then we started the drive to Blackpool which was over four hours and I felt every minute. When we got there it was extremely windy and cold. It also looks rather depressing. It is all dark and grey and the water looks awful, wouldn't want to go swimming in it. The room was tiny, it had two beds for Daisy and I, a sink, a television and that was about it. It was also up three flights of stair and I carried some heavy bags. I also think it is a small world by that the guy who ran the BnB accommodation place from Shenton Park. That night we found diner in a recently opened BnB that had an open restaurant. It was alright though parents thought it was a bit shotty. After Daisy and I walked back to the BnB and Mum and Dad went to the pier where there is the carousel and other carnival type rides.

This morning we got up extremely early because there was going to be a protest on in the street where the BnB was against foreigners. Seeing as we are what they were protesting about, and we needed to get out the street, we were out by 8. That is when we starting driving for somewhere to have breakfast and found Strafford. Found a nice little place where the place-mats said "Families welcome, children and grannies adored!" That was a little cute. After we found a music store and parents bought me two piano sheet books. Now I have another thing to look forward to when I get home. Then we  found the Iron Ore Bridge which is a world heritage site and the Museum of the Gorge. Personally it was a bit boring but all the mining in the area is really important in the furthering of humanity. Then it was onto Coventry where I am now typing this out in a Mercure Hotel where I can stretch out, relax and live in luxury. This has got to be the best accommodation that I have had the entire time I have been here so far, and probably will be the best cause this is a four star hotel and I am not staying in a hotel again.

So that is what I have been getting up to. I do hope that I have people reading this cause while I can't often remember too much of my trip, I still try type out what I can remember. I am missing Perth, though I think it is more so that people that I miss rather than the city itself, and I haven't even been away a month.

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