So it turns out that I didn't actually need to nap, and therefore I did not nap. Bit of a letdown, I know and I apologise for getting you all worked up about me going for a nap. I promise not to do it again. So eventually we left the BnB place that we are staying at and went into London and visited the HMS Belfast. I have some pictures which I will upload to facebook later. The ship was a big thing for the Royal Navy in England and they have made it look great. There were a lot of fake people in the ship filling in all the roles that used to be done on the ship. I took a lot of pictures of the fake pictures.

Then we started to go to the London Tower Bridge, but Daisy was so tired that we did not go up, and well, it was also shut. That sort of thing does tend to get in the way of things. We then began what turned out to be a long walk to find a pub to have some dinner. The pub was O'Neal's. The food was below average. Once to try and never again.

Then we finally came back here to where I will now call home for another 2 nights, including this one. While I am typing this, I am watching Lara Croft: Tomb Raider with Mum and Dad. I think that I will go to bed soon however.

It's a plan stan!

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