5 Generations

Well I didn't get to make a post about yesterday, so I am going to have to combine two days into one post. Madness.

Well yesterday we left my dad's uncle's and made our way onto the Lakes District. However it was a long trip, in total it was over 6 hours I think. We didn't really see that much on the way, but we did go to meet my Great Great Aunt. She is currently 95 years old and is turning 96 in the next couple of weeks. And to add more to my family my Great Grandma is also alive. But back to the Aunt, Dorothy, I think the most amazing thing about her is that after all these years she is as sharp as a tack. She could remember so much and it was kind of inspiring. I hope I have that much of my brain at that age. I also hope to make it to that age.

Then we eventually made it to the Lakes District. And my God, the words of the romantic poets do not do justice to what I saw. I have a couple of pictures that I will upload in a couple of hours to Facebook. It was just brilliant. You should be jealous Lit kids.

That night we had dinner at the local pub and stayed at this amazing BnB. In the morning for breakfast I had ordered pancakes with blueberries and the pancakes had blueberries cooked INTO the pancakes. It was delicious.

After breakfast we moved around the Lakes and we visited a waterfall. Well I followed the river thing up and there was just more waterfalls. It was never ending. I walked a good 2 kilometers and they were still going. After the waterfalls we went to the house of Beatrice Potter. All the stuff in the house was owned by her, they had kept it all. It turns out that her house is also where they filmed the television series about her stories. I thought that was pretty kool.

After that we decided we should really start getting onto the Edinburgh, but on the way we passed through Keswick. There was supposed to be this great car museum with famous cars like the Flinstones car, a Bond car and Mr Bean's car. However we got there and discovered that it had all been relocated to Florida. Massive shame. After lunch we finally got on the road to Edinburgh. And that is where I am typing this now. We are at the BnB which is above a hair salon. Weird, but I guess its what the Scot's do.

Don't know what we are going to do tonight, its currently 7:34 and when you look outside, you would swear its 3 in the afternoon on a cloudy day. It is really tripping my out this whole light thing. I will get my head around it eventually, but by that stage I will be back in Australia most likely.

That was a joke, so laugh.

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