My Lord I am bored. I am just sitting around at home, doing nothing, just waiting for Daisy to finish school so that we can go and buy her new runners. I am currently just watching an episode of Scrubs and typing this out. All of my friends go to university, or tafe or some place of learning. None of them are taking a year off or anything so I am the only one who just stays at home everyday doing pretty much nothing. It get can awful lonely. But mostly it just gets boring. Like I know that I have a lot of work to do, such as getting my American Visa, booking accommodation, planning my trip in general and sorting what I am going to take to when I leave, for 6 bloody months.

I want someone to come here and chill with me. Get me out of this pit of boredom. Play a game with me or something. I NEED DISTRACTION.


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