Just ate lunch. I drove to McDonalds and ordered a medium Big Mac Meal. I had it with a Sprite. I know how much everyone likes to know about what I eat for lunch everyday, but yeah. I am going to pick Daisy up in around 45 minutes from camp. It will actually be good to see her again. As much as I don't want to say it I have actually missed her. That and it tends to get lonely when it is just me lying around here doing nothing. Last night wasn't so bad cause Sam was here. But all the other nights I was a bit lonely.

According to my countdown, I leave for London with Daisy in 17 days, 1 hour, 16 minutes and 45 seconds. However there are less seconds as I type this more and more. It is starting to hit me that for 6 months I will not be able to see any of my friends. I will be making new friends, but missing all the ones here in Perth. It is going to suck a lot, but it should be a good trip.

My house is a mess right now. I need to clean it all up before I pick Daisy up otherwise she will not stop bugging me. Can someone please just come round and clean it up for me? Just because I am feeling a lazy and I don't want to get up and clean it. I just want to chill here on this seat and relax. However I am not that lucky cause I have to sort 12 different catalogues for delivery tomorrow. That IS going to kill me. This is what happens when you do a job that increases with work during public holidays.

Damn you Mother's Day!

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