Oh Lordy!

I didn't make a post about my day yesterday. The shame! The shame! Well we got up and we were running a bit late to pick up the rental car. Eventually we made it down to Slade Green and got the car after about 20 mins where the lady behind the desk didn't really knew how a computer worked.

But we were soon on the road and on our way to meet my dad's second cousin Richard and his wife Jen who live just out of Norwich (pronounced Norridge, confusing much?) and we spent the rest of the day with them. We chatted and then Mum, Dad, Richard and Jen went for a walk down to the river while I stayed behind with Daisy. Then that night they cooked us dinner and we stayed at there house.

Now it is today, and we are going to a place called Penrith. Also I know I haven't put up any pictures yet, but I do have some, not from country England but from London. It's not many though. And I also have one or two pictures of me with my cork hat. So Diaan, Mel and Betty, those pictures should be up soon.

But till then.

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