It was my subject at school and it has now officially finished. Even though class finished a couple of weeks ago and I did my last assessment, my final exam, yesterday morning. It wasn't over until now. I am home from my Lit Dinner at Sandrino's in Fremantle. I sat next to two of my best friends, who are completely awesome.

One beats me up and the other is an ex. But I love them all the same.

Tonight also marks the first night I have ever used one of those photo booths where you pay heaps and get your picture taken. The people I took the picture may not realise it, but it meant a lot to me, cause I never really do that kind of stuff. It is surprising that I felt comfortable with that group of people to do it, they are my usual crowd of friends. But now I have a picture to help me remember them.

It was a fun night and I am glad that I went, even if dinner was ho hum.

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