It is quite an ordeal isn't it. Well for me it is. I mean, when I go out shopping I know what I want to get and I know how I want it. I am happy to browse but in general I go out to get what I want. But there is always one thing that gets in my way of getting what I want.

Shop assistants.

They are pure evil. They eye you as you enter the store and they watch your every movement, judging what you are looking at and waiting for the opportunity to come over and "help" you to make a purchase. Really they are wanting to be the one to sell you stuff so they get their commission and therefore they will try and "upgrade" your purchase, which at the same time upgrades the cost.

And they keep offering all this other stuff and when they do, for some reason, unknown to me, I feel bad if I don't accept it. It is like the feeling when a proper official says what is best, and you know that if you don't go with their suggestion, then you are off for the worse. I just wish that they could leave me alone and just look at all the stuff at my own pace. If I want their help then I will ask for them. I won't just look at stuff and hope that the answer shoots out at me.

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