People say that it is the land of the inbreds. I have family there. But they weren't born there so I like to believe that it doesn't count so therefore they are not inbreds. However if they have children in Tasmania, then yes, they will be inbreds.

My Dad is going there tonight, to see his parents, because my Nana is having trouble with her internet and needs him to be there to fix it. I think it is just a lousy excuse to get Dad to go over to visit. Meh I don't really care but it means that I get to do more house work over the next few days. Yay for me *note the sarcasm*

On the weekend I have a workshop for a play that I am going to be in. I am a part of the creative process and working to create the play in its entirety.

My part of the show is playing a 17 year old boy who has a crush on a 31 year old woman, just wanting the kiss. The director wants to talk about the play in conjunction with my partner, the 31 year old woman. If she says that we are going to have to kiss, it is going to be awkward.

Very awkward.

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