It is a word that is thrown around by my generation. There are some people who use it with their friends, there are people who use it to random strangers on the street, there are those who use the word love when they are in a relationship with another person. Yet these are all different kinds of love, and people try to say that they are all the same.

My issue with the word, is how do you define love? Yeah there is the one where people say they all have their own definitions and other people say look in the dictionary.

When I look around there are a number of people that I know, who say that they love another person. I personally believe that some of them say it because they think that social constraints demand them to say they love another person.

It is a tricky situation at all times. All the time you see it on television, the one that first comes to mind is on The Big Bang Theory. Leonard says "I Love You" and Penny says "Thank You". Who wants to be put into that sort of a situation?

Many people despise the word, and there are other who love the word. People think it is great when someone proclaim's their love for another person and there are those who hate it when people even begin to bring up the word.

I personally don't know how I feel about the word love. It is an awkward word. It is a make or break word. Use it too soon, you're fucked. Use it too late, you're fucked. Really, for 90% of the time, if you use it, then you are fucked.

So make sure you use this word wisely!

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