Oh Dear

I didn't make a post yesterday. Well I was a little busy yesterday and when I wasn't I was spending time with my family, so I though I should stay with them rather than make posts that not even I read after typing them out.

I have played more Brotherhood, and will be getting Gold Live soon so I can play online. I have rebuilt a lot, but it isn't an achievement, so that makes me sad I put in all the effort for nothing. But ah well, it is fun.

I also drove into Fremantle three times yesterday. Once to drop Daisy off, then to pick her up and then I went in to do some dramamamamamaing. When I talk about my acting stuff and use the "d" word, I tend to exaggerate a little with the spelling. But hey, i'm an actor.

What are you doing mysterious reader who has accidentally stumbled across this blog? I feel sorry you that you have to read this. My life isn't ALL that interesting, but it will do for me.

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