Marlon Brando

He is the Godfather. He is amazing. He is one of the hardest people to understand as he only opens his mouth about 2 millimeters whenever he speaks.

If you are unable to pick up on it, today I watched The Godfather. And I might add it was the first time I had seen it. Needless to say humanity wasn't wrong, the movie was amazing.

I went round to Betty's house to watch the movie, because we had originally planned to watch all three, but in total they go for over 9 hours. Today I was unable to watch 9 hours of movies so we just watched the first one.

Before I say how amazing The Godfather is, I must first say Betty is a fail because she doesn't know who MARLON BRANDO IS!?!?!?!?!?! What is this...

But yes, the movie is amazing and it has me hooked. I cannot wait to see part 2, though from what I have heard, I can wait to see part 3.

I am now home and I just got off the phone with Grace and Emily. We had a little chat about life, I read them a story and we all laughed our heads off. They are currently in Sydney for the leavers experiencing the high lights the city has to offer. Really, I think they made a bad choice cause Melbourne is SOOO much better. However I may be a little biased.

I still don't have a copy of Assassins's Creed Brotherhood. It makes me sad, and I do so very much hope that on the day it is released, which is either tomorrow or Friday, I get a phone call saying that JB Hi-Fi is waiting with my copy.

Fingers crossed.

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