What if?

These two words, put together, can be the most dangerous words in all of existence. They make you question everything and every action that you have done in your life. Every moment where you wish you could have done something differently, your brain says "what if?". And it is terrible. The pain of going through life thinking that everything could be so much differently than what it is at the current moment.

In my life, there are a heap of "what if" moments. They all sort of came rushing into my brain at once when a person in the car behind me, reminded me of someone. And it was horrible. There have been heaps, like what if I had worked up the confidence to talk to people when I was younger?And what if I was successful in convincing my parents to let me stay in Melbourne when they moved over?

There are other "what if" moments in my life, but these, I will not tell you, because they are going to remain as my own inner turmoil!

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