I had a look at my stats today, and I noticed that I actually have a couple of people who is looking at this blog. I don't know why they would be looking at this blog but they are. And I am very grateful for them looking.

It makes me feel a bit special they read this. It is probably only a one time thing, but at least people are reading this. No longer am I just talking to myself, but I am beginning to talk to some strangers on the internet who are being given a view into my life.

Right now I am watching You Don't Mess With The Zohan. It is so stupid that it is actually funny. To me at least. Most people think that it is very stupid and low class comedy with terrible racial stereotyping. Yet I will still laugh cause I have nothing better to do.

Tomorrow night I am going to my girlfriend's birthday party. Her birthday was a month ago yesterday. The party is delayed but she has it this late so that people can go and not be busy. Like me. It makes me feel very special and loved. But don't tell anyone I used the "l" word.

I will explain later.

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